A Box of Laughter

Just things to brighten up your day and make you laugh. Hopefully . . .

Some material not suitable for younger readers.

Leave some jokes in the comments and I might put them up and give you a mention ;0)


3. My Favourite Blonde Jokes

- A blonde crashes her car into a tree and gets a big dent in it. So she goes to a garage to see whether the mechanic can do anything to get the dents out. So, noticing that she's blonde, the mechanic decides to have a bit of fun with her. He says "I can't do anything here but if you go home and blow into the exhaust you should be able to pop the dents out." So she goes home and blows into the exhaust and her flat-mate, also a blonde, comes out and asks her "What are you doing?" So the first blonde replies, "The mechanic said that if I blow into the exhaust, it would pop the dents out of the car." To which the second blonde replies, "Well, if you're gonna do that you're gonna have to roll up the windows first."

- A blonde walks into an electrical store and says to the worker, "I'll have that TV in the corner." And the worker says "Sorry, we don't serve blondes." So the blonde goes away and buys a brown wig and the next day, she goes back to the shop and asks for the TV in the corner. Again, the worker says, "Sorry, we don't serve blondes." So then the blonde goes out and buys a black wig and the next day she goes into the shop and asks for the TV in the corner. Again, the worker replies, "Sorry, we don't serve blondes." The blonde gets angry and says "How do you know that I'm a blonde?" The worker replies, "Missus, that's not a TV, that's a microwave."

- A blonde walks into a library and says "I'll have a burger and chips." The librarian says to her "This is a library." So the blonde turns around "oh sorry" she whispers "I'll have a burger and chips."

- A blonde walks into a library and slams her book down on the counter and says, "This book was terrible! There's no story in it and there are way too many characters!" The librarian answers, "I'm sorry, but it's not our fault that you borrowed our phone book."

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