A Box of Laughter

Just things to brighten up your day and make you laugh. Hopefully . . .

Some material not suitable for younger readers.

Leave some jokes in the comments and I might put them up and give you a mention ;0)


13. Horse Burgers

Recently, I found out that Horse DNA was found in some frozen burgers. I t puts whole new meaning into the phrase, "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse." Doesnt it? I nearly died laughing when I heard the jokes about it. Here are some of them:


- I took a few horse burgers out of the fridge yesterday. And they're off!

- I went into a Takeaway the other day and asked for a burger. The man asked what I wanted on it so I replied with "I'll put a fiver each-way on it."

- I ate one of those horse burgers last week. It gave me the trots.

- I looked out the window yesterday and I saw a farmer feeding his horses some burger meat. And then I heard one of the horses shouting "Jesus Christ Mam! What did they do to you?!"

- What do you call a burnt Tesco burger? Black Beauty.

- Does anyone have a toothpick? I ate one of those Horse burgers earlier and there's still a bit between my teeth.

- I asked for a pony for my birthday. My parents decided to get me a quarter pounder from Tesco. It was alright. I would have rathered My Lidl Pony.

- I heard that Tesco is selling veggie burgers aswell. They're made of UniQuorn.

- My doctor told me to watch what I eat. So I went out and bought tickets for the Grand National.

- Sorry if you can't hear me. I had one of those burgers yesterday and I'm a bit hoarse.

- I think someone is sending me death threats. I woke up with a Tesco burger in my bed.


*Not meant to offend any horse enthusiasts*

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