Three Weeks In Sunny Wales

This is a 1D AU for the fanfic competition, although it's also something I've wanted to produce for a while. This story is coming straight from my imagination, no planning, so bare with me. The pairing will come out int the chapters, sorry it's so long. Please vote if you like it or even comment to tell me your opinion. Thanks :)

Sophie's mum insists that she goes to Wales with her and her boyfriend, and Sophie has no choice but to face the rain and the boredom. But when she gets there, she finds out that she has a false perception of Wales... and the people who live there.


1. Wales

Three weeks. Three whole weeks.

How the hell I'm going to endure this horrible experience I don't know.

I argued with my mum, telling her it wasn't fair, but she wouldn't listen. It's all about Gary for her.

Ugh, I just almost threw up. Gary.

What a horribly name. What a mean man. Why he can force me to go on holiday to one of the most horrible places on the planet, I don't know. 

I have nothing against Wales, it's just... why does it rain so much? Does it want to make my life worse?

Being 16 sucks. You get 12 weeks of 'relaxation' time after exams are over, and your mum and her lovely boyfriend force you to wast 3 of them in a country full of rain and sheep-shaggers.

I sigh as I continue to pack under my mother's scrutinizing glare.

She disapproves of how many jumpers I'm packing.

"Sophie, sweetie," She begins, in that sickly sweet tone that even adults use to get you do do something. "You're packing too many warm clothes. It's forecast to be cloudy, but warm!"

I roll my eyes, thanking God that my back is to her.

"I just want to prepare for every situation, mum." I reply, trying to keep 'that tone' out of my voice - you know the one, the one that makes adults groan; 'Don't use that tone with me, young lady!'.

I throw a pair of shorts in to make her happy, and it seems to satisfy her, although when I take a peek her expression is still wary.

My dad will be on her side, of course.

"Your mother's right, Soph, you need a holiday!" is what he'll say if I try to get him to save me from this holiday. He loves her too much, methinks.

I finish packing with an almighty ZIP of my suitcase and shove it against my door. My mum smiles at me patronisingly and drags it out the door.

Right, now I need to sleep.

I get into my bed for the last time in 3 weeks and close my eyes. Wales, I think, Here I come!

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