Three Weeks In Sunny Wales

This is a 1D AU for the fanfic competition, although it's also something I've wanted to produce for a while. This story is coming straight from my imagination, no planning, so bare with me. The pairing will come out int the chapters, sorry it's so long. Please vote if you like it or even comment to tell me your opinion. Thanks :)

Sophie's mum insists that she goes to Wales with her and her boyfriend, and Sophie has no choice but to face the rain and the boredom. But when she gets there, she finds out that she has a false perception of Wales... and the people who live there.


3. Niall

For some reason, I wake up at the early hour of 6am.

I groan with uncomfort as I realise that it's hot under the heavy duvet and crisp white sheet, kicking them off.

After 10 minutes of tossing and turning, I realise that I should just go for a walk; I can hear the wind rustling the wind outside and I assume it's cool.

I throw on a jumper over my pajama shorts and slide my feet into some flip-flops that must belong to my mum and head out, gently closing the door and promising myself that I'll be back for 7am, just in case my mum wakes and worries about me.

It's colder than I thought outside, and I instantly gain goosebumps on my legs. I should've thrown some sweats on, too.

I head towards the beach, but just as I pass the next caravan, the door swings open and nearly knocks me flying.

"I'm sorry!" An Irish accent fills my ears like warm honey. I melt.

"It's okay." I mumble, looking up into the clear blue eyes of blond boy.

"Oh, it's you!" He chirps, bouncing down the caravan steps. "I'm Niall!"

He offers me a childish grin and I can't help but to return it.

"I'm Sophie." I reply, shuffling my feet.

"That's a nice name, my next door neighbour has a cat called Sophie... but she ran away." He frowns sadly, lost in thought.

"That's... nice?" I offer, a little confused.

"Hmm." He meets my eyes again. "I was just going to walk by The Blue, the restaurant on the beach next to the supermarket. You?"

That's the restaurant where Liam works...

"I wasn't sure where I was going, to be honest." I reply sincerely.

"Then come with me!" He offers, pointing in the direction of the beach. I nod and follow him down the stony path that leads to the beach.

We talk about his accent, and how he's from 'Mullingar' in Ireland, on holiday for the Summer. I tell him about Manchester and the dull weather and he laughs.

"It's not much brighter in Ireland, I can tell you that." He looks ahead as we walk towards The Blue. Suddenly, something catches his eyes and he lights up.

"Liam!" He calls, and suddenly there's Liam with three other lads; curly, kitchen-boy and another... stripy. Liam looks up as we approach and beams at me.

"Niall!" He replies, slapping him on the back. He turns to me. "Sophie." He nods, voice soft and eyes warm.

I flush bright red as stripy looks between us curiously.

"Oh, YOU'RE Sophie!" Stripy laughs a beautiful laugh. "I was sure Liam had made you up, the way he was going on."

"Louis..." Liam hisses in warning.

"Liam..." Stri- Louis replies in the same tone.

"I'm Harry." Curly's suddenly in front of me, holding out a hand. Wow, he's gorgeous up close. Especially that toothy grin.

"Sophie." I reply, barely, shaking his hand.

"Zayn." Kitchen-boy mumbles. I smile at him and he returns it.

"So you know them all already, do you?" Niall speaks up. They're all coming at me at once and I feel a bit overwhelmed.

"Yeah, I ate at The Blue last night." I frown. "Why are you all up this early?"

They look at each other and smile secretively.

"Practicing." Niall says.

"For what?" I ask, curious.

"Secret!" Louis sing-songs, wrapping his arm around curly (who I'm refusing to call Harry as his curls are so eye-catching). Curly taps his nose secretively.

"Okay..." I reply, frowning.

"Come back here tonight and you'll see." Liam says, catching my attention - and my breath. "Eight o'clock." He says, his gaze burning into my soul.

"O-okay." I reply. But no WAY is my mum coming with me. I check the time on my watch. "Shit!" I exclaim.

"Oh nice one you've found here, boys!" Louis remarks, "Pretty girl, lovely accent with violent tourettes!"

The boys laugh and I blush.

"No, I need to get back for 7 and it's 20 past already. My mum's alarm's gone off and she's probably panicking right now, and Gary-" I nearly choke. "Shit, Gary's gonna be so mad..." I start backing away slowly, much to their amusement.

"Bye Niall, Louis, C- Harry, Zayn and Liam!" I call.

"Bye Sophie!" They chorus eerily.

I giggle and almost run back to the caravan, hoping world war three hasn't started yet.

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