Three Weeks In Sunny Wales

This is a 1D AU for the fanfic competition, although it's also something I've wanted to produce for a while. This story is coming straight from my imagination, no planning, so bare with me. The pairing will come out int the chapters, sorry it's so long. Please vote if you like it or even comment to tell me your opinion. Thanks :)

Sophie's mum insists that she goes to Wales with her and her boyfriend, and Sophie has no choice but to face the rain and the boredom. But when she gets there, she finds out that she has a false perception of Wales... and the people who live there.


2. Freedom

I wake up in a daze, the Sun too bright for my tired eyes.

"Sophie, sweetheart, it's time to get up now!"

Gary is at the end of my bed, and as my gaze focuses, I notice he's gelled back his dark brown hair and his glasses are no longer shielding his bright blue eyes.

"What the hell have you done to your hair?" I ask sleepily, attempting to prop myself up against my headboard.

"I've just gelled it back, is all. Don't you like it?" He asks playfully, spinning round so that I can see his whole head.

"No." I say bluntly, expression solemn.

He sighs and looks up at me sadly.

"One of these days you'll be nice to me, Sophie." He says. I simply frown and gesture to the door. He sticks his tongue out at me as he leaves.

"Baby." I mutter, turning over.

I groan and roll out of bed, throwing on an outfit consisting of jeans, a jumper and a waterproof coat. It looks sunny in Manchester, but no doubt in Wales it'd be cold. And wet.

By the time I get downstairs, mum and Gary are making out next to my breakfast.

"Guys!" I groan, retching a little. 

"What?" My mum asks, giggling.

Giggling. She's 43, for pete's sake. 

I sigh and begin to eat my cornflakes.


In the car it's hot and I'm forced to succumb to the warm Welsh air and pull off my coat.

"See love, told you it'd be warm!" My mum says. I sigh as I concede; apparently everything I say is wrong.

By the time we reach where we're staying, I'm seriously considering taking off my jumper and walking around in just my bra, it's so warm.

I clamber out of the car and look around for a path or a sign that reads 'hotel', but none appear.

I frown as my mum reaches my side, pointing to the large white box in front of me.

"A CARAVAN?" I ask, shocked. "Seriously?"

My mum laughs and opens the door, letting me in first.

I gasp in awe as I realise it's much bigger in the inside - Doctor Who reference - and I touch the smooth granite kitchen surface that leads to a big living area.

"Like it?" My mum asks smugly.

I nod, gazing at the TV and already set up X Box, along with several games that I'm itching to try out.

"Your room is here," She says, pointing to the door nearest the kitchen. "And ours is here." She points to the door nearest to the entrance.

"The toilet?" I ask, opening the door in between the two rooms. She nods as I find a bath, small shower head and toilet inside.

"This is great, mum! Well done!" I gasp as I find the complimentary shampoo and conditioner bottles.

"Thank Gary, not me." She says. I don't like how smug she is about all of this, but never-the-less, I turn to Gary and smile.

"Thank you, Gary." I say sincerely, shocking him a little.

"N-No problem!" He replies, recovering and returning my grin.

"We've decided that this holiday, you can have a bit of freedom." My mum says. I cock my head to one side, confused.

"There are a few shops down the street; we'll take you to them so you know where they are." She smiles. "But if you ever want to go back to get anything, feel free."

I nearly laugh at their idea of freedom, but I realise that this is kind of them anyway, and thank them. Who knows, maybe they'll have an ice cream parlour.

They let me unpack my things into the little cupboard of a wardrobe in my room before Gary suggests we go for a meal.

I change into my only pair of shorts and a tank top that I was going to sleep in, vowing to either borrow some of my mum's clothes or go and buy a few t-shirts, and follow them out into the caravan park.

As we pass the caravan next to ours, I glance briefly into the window and catch eyes with a small blond boy, probably my age, staring out. He winks at me and I shyly glance away, hurrying to catch up with Gary and my mum.


We find a restaurant on the Sea front, 'a rarity' as Gary says, and ask to be seated. The Sun's setting and the Sea looks beautiful against the pinky-orangey sky. I really feel content, and it's only been a day.

We follow the waiter to a 4-seater and I face my mum and Gary, my back to the Sea, to my dismay.

"Hello, I'm your waiter today, here are your menus..." I look up and find myself face to face with another boy about my age. He has curly brown hair and deep, warm brown eyes. I have to tear myself away from their gaze, they're so hypnotising.

"May I get you any drinks?" He asks, and I meet his gaze again.

"W-Water, please." I stammer, trying to summon a smile.

"Anything else?" He asks, turning to my mum and Gary, who haven't noticed the somewhat exchange.

"Err... What Wines do you have?" Gary asks, trying to find them on the menu.

Mr. Waiter leans over to him, giving me a lovely view of his body, and flips his menu. 

"Ahh, thank you." Gary replies, scanning the list. He turns to my mum and points to a Wine, and she shakes her head.

I use this time to glance up at the boy again and find my gaze meeting his. He offers me a warm smile this time, and I manage to return it. He pats to his name badge on his chest subtly, and I smile.

Liam Payne. It suits him.

"I'm Sophie." I say aloud.

"What, honey?" My mum asks, staring at me.

"Err... I'm thirsty..." I reply. Liam smiles and stifles a laugh.

"Oh, sorry love. We'll just take the Rosé then, please." My mum says. Liam nods, scribbling it down. 

"The whole bottle?" My mum nods. "I'll be back in a minute." He says, more to me than the rest of the table.


5 minutes later and Liam's back, along with a bottle of Wine and my water. He serves the Rosé first, before placing my glass of water in front of me.

"Just say if you want it refilling, miss." He says, making me flush. 

"Okay." I squeak, casting my eyes downwards, towards the menu.

"Are you ready to order?" Liam asks. 

"Yes, please." Gary turns to me. "Do you want to go first, then?"

I nod and speak up. "For starters, I'll have some garlic bread. Then I'll have the pepperoni pizza, please. Is there any way you can put double pepperoni on that?"

"For you, of course." He beams at me, making me flush again. My mum and Gary remain oblivious.

"T-Thanks. And please can I have a bowl of salad on the side?" Liam nods.

"Is Rocket okay?"

"Yeah." I reply. He turns to Gary and my mum, who place their orders too.


After eating, I can't stomach dessert, as much as I want ice cream, so I shake my head as Gary offers me the menu.

"Full." I explain, leaning back. My mum's still eating, so I glance to the back of the restaurant to find Liam. He's standing next to a little window which opens to the kitchen, next to another curly haired boy. Again, around my age. I frown; two post GCSE students working in a beach-front restaurant... how lucky.

The curly one looks up, meeting my gaze. He winks at me and I can feel my face heat up. Liam turns to see what curly's looking at and waves. I wave back timidly, making his grin stretch wide.

"Have you made some friends, honey?" My mum asks, turning to see who I'm acknowledging. "Ooh, boys!" She says, waving at the two. Curly waves back over-friendly and Liam frowns, muttering something to him. Curly feigns being taken aback and a hand reaches out of the kitchen window and swats him. Suddenly there's a face to the hand; a dark haired boy AGAIN around my age. The three return to deep conversation and I focus my attention on my mum.

"Finished?" I ask, nodding to her empty plate.

"Yep!" She replies, using her napkin to wipe her mouth. Gary's arm seems to have snaked around her waist and they look like a happy couple, as per usual.

"Waiter!" She calls humorously, sticking her hand in the air. I sigh and look around; no waiter is coming.

"Liam!" I call, making him jump. He turns as curly smirks, looking for the voice who called his name. I beckon him over as he realises it was me and he leaves curly alone with kitchen-boy.

My mum is smiling a little too knowingly for my liking as Liam reaches our table.

"Ready for the bill?" He asks me more than my mum or Gary, even though they're the ones paying.

"Yes, please." I reply shyly, not meeting his intense gaze. He nods in my peripheral vision and scurries away.


We get back to the caravan at 11pm after taking a nice stroll along the golden sands of the beach; not that you could see it's colour in the dark.

I climb into bed, exhausted, and my mind keeps wandering back to Liam, curly and kitchen-boy.

But surprisingly, just as I doze off, I see the blond boy in the next caravan and without a second thought, I'm asleep.

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