Hurt. Pain. And a whole lot of love.

Zoe comes back...alone and confused. But she's not the same 'queen bee' as she used to pretend to be. For her, High Schools now a long road to the past...not the future.
But who can change her mind...her fighting unforgiveable parents? Or the boy thats been waiting for her to smile all this time...


1. The Beggining

I was alone. Though cold as that might sound...the painfully greeting silence cured the swelling ache in my chest, the large empty hand grasping at my throat, choking out the tears that meant nothing.


He was gone. My perfect baby brother, stolen to the midst of Death...Not the fallen amounts of heaven where we had planned to go. His parting sound...a choke that was smothered in tears, and a soft whisper that only I could hear. The pain beared big and bright for me...It welcomed me with open arms, grasping and punching its way through my heart, cheating away every last part of forever. But what could I do but fight that? I couldn't. Weak and dissmissive, I opened it with open arms, and let it tear me away bit by bit.

My mother  was worse. The guilt spread to her like a stone...glaing away the rock, forming ice to the thin and icy physique, cursing away the words that should have been replaced with:' I love you', or 'You look handsome today'. The two phrases that are the most embarasing to a fourteen year old boy, and probably the phrases that meen the most.

I think I love her. 

The three words are big and brilliant in my head. I can remeber how I'd glowed with happiness, and danced around the room, hugging and cheering...And the scoffing of the pizza during a film of The Dark Night, or even Forest Gump. But those were tears you could laugh about. No-ones laughing now.

A scream ripped into the cold night air, makeing me jump, an icy feeling drenching my body. What was there to be afraid about? I knew the scream was from me.

"Darling?" The voice was smooth and select, but I kicked it away with a bare hand...forcing ym way through the broken layer of hope, and returning to hopelessness.

"Its time for school".

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