Hurt. Pain. And a whole lot of love.

Zoe comes back...alone and confused. But she's not the same 'queen bee' as she used to pretend to be. For her, High Schools now a long road to the past...not the future.
But who can change her mind...her fighting unforgiveable parents? Or the boy thats been waiting for her to smile all this time...


2. Return

The thick layers of snow welded onto my hat, siffling through the burnt skin, keeping it cool and...sufferable. Was I too wonder why they had taken Jacob and not me? He had more to live up for...a world of happiness, a future...I had, nothing. Nothing but selfishness, and greed.

Maybe, I could tear that away.

Probably not. There was everything to wish for, but nothing was appearing infront of me. Why would it? I should accept that the killing of my brother was... my fault, condone it, be proud not the shy away from it.

I spat on the sidewalk, and fumbled for my keys, the glove snatching away my grip, the metal falling limply about.

I could never tear it away.

The truck was warm. Cosy. Another thing I would take for granted now: just letting the warm heat make me colder.

Getting to school was hard. Watching the students walk aimlessly through the sleeting snow, laughing, messing about...I was tempted to wind down the window and shout: If you want to kill yoursel, be my guest, I'll be the one to run you over!

But the sentence blared deep and furious in my head, causing a wave of nausiiosness to creep along my body, surfacing the old sickness, bringing back the pain that clawed away at the hole in my chest.

Push it away.

The words from my Father. So easy and sensile...but so hard and confusing.

How could I push it away, when all that was doing was dragging it towards me? How could I forget when all I was doing was remebering? How could I relize that...He was gone. Forever. Never coming back.

As I drew up among the cars, I saw familiar faces, smiling and waving. Usually I would reply that act of kindess, and park my car next to their, but today was different. I was different. So, instead of flirting and giggling with the bunch of boys and plastic dolls, I bowed my head, and reversed the truck into the far corner of the lot.


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