Hurt. Pain. And a whole lot of love.

Zoe comes back...alone and confused. But she's not the same 'queen bee' as she used to pretend to be. For her, High Schools now a long road to the past...not the future.
But who can change her mind...her fighting unforgiveable parents? Or the boy thats been waiting for her to smile all this time...


4. Meeting.

I manage to get through half of the day, keeping in the tears that miraculously appeared whenever something reminded me of him. Jacob. I couldn't think of his name, without a hard lump lodging it's way into the pit of my throat, and the pondering scratching at my chest to exelerate to a frantic clawing.
During double Geography I snapped when I watched the cluster of his friends walk somberly past the window, heads down. I bit down on my lip and rushed to the door, pushing past the cluster of students, my bag hanging from my shoulder in a mer voyage to escape.

The truck burst into life, feeding a new thrill to me, drowning out the constant banter that was pushing generously on the edge of my temples. I drove quickly out of the parking lot, it ignoring the vibrating feing my phone was making in my pocket, the buzz running down my leg in a frenzy, resulting in me shivering delicately. I knew who it was. Katie. Some other friend. Cam. Lila. All of the people I had completely ignored for the whole morning... Shutting the away, swatting them away like a fly. Because every single bit of them reminded me of my brother.
When I pulled up in the drive, I locked down on the brake, staring up at the empty house for a moment. It looked empty, desolate, like no-one was living there. My eyes trailed to the side of the house, blackened...burned. I swallowed and focused on my hands clenching tightly around the steering wheel.
My eyes flitted to our next door neighbors house, surprised to see a new car drawn up on the pavement, rusty, an old Rabbit. I felt the corners of my mouth twitch up, the oldness of it sending a glow to the pit of my stomach.
Clambering on of the truck, the sound of a front door slamming shut caught my attention. I turned to watch a guy exit the porch of the neighbors, running his fingers through his dark brown quif like hair. His tall, muscular figure haunche as he reached through the door of the Rabbit, retrieving a book of some sort.
He stiffened, and then turned to look at me, a blush coming to my cheeks as he questioned my staring with beautiful sea green eyes.
And then the pain came. The clawing. The fighting choke. A sigh escaped from my lips,- d I turned away, my hands latching across my chest, holding in the hurt, and failing miserably. I fumbled with the keys in the lock, feeling the burning of his eyes on my back. I stiffened, forcing my way through the door, closing him out of life without even knowing his name.
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