What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


8. Chapter 7 - Claws


I don’t know how many cuts he gave me. I don’t know how many pulsating green lines I had now. I don’t know how many tears I shed. I only know pain. I am a creature of pain. My body made of pain. I am pain. My throat was screaming from pain yet no sound was coming out of my mouth. And then it got worse.


“Nill, it’s time to iron her claws.” He called into a little speaker in the wall and a silent “OK” was heard in the other end. Then the floor started to pull apart around me. I should be shrieking now. I should be asking them to stop. But I didn’t. I didn’t care about the pain anymore. I didn’t care for them or their health anymore. I was Pain. I din’t flinch and I didn’t scream when they put the hot iron into my claws. I didn’t cry or flinch when the spille it on my skin, even though it was sizzling and burning my flesh. I just stared into nothing, my green eyes fixing on something only I could see. At one point it was my mom, staring right into my eyes while she whispered she would protect me. Then suddenly it was a black wolf growling at me, whispering my name before it turned around and walked away from me, then turning around and whispering my name again, almost as if he wanted me to follow him. But I was chained, I couldn’t foillow him! Couldn’t he see this?!


“What have you guys done to her?” the man asked but his words made no sense to me. It was high noises that hurt my ears and I wnted them to stop. So I howled. A powerfu, deep howl that sent chills down their spine and made them shut up.


“Look at her Nill. She looks like she could shift any moment. Yet something is holding her back. What did you do to her?” God, couldn’t they just shut up?! I whimpered and tried to cover my ears with my hands but I couldn’t because of the cuffs. And they were not hands anymore. Now they were big black paws with shining white metal claws.


“Let me go!” I snarled and snapped my jaws at the nearest person, making him flinch away from me in terror. “Wh-what is she saying?!” he whispered as I snarled the same at him again, this time looking him in the eyes with a fierce glare. “Let. Me. Go!” I growled, but they did not understand me at all so instead I kicked out with my hind leg, hearing the chain snap and then I felt it. An odd tingling sensation as my claws ripped the man from his throat to his crotch, spilled his intestines oput on the fgloor as he looked at me with horror in his face. And then the screaming started.


I don’t know how many. I don’t know why. I only know that I killed seven men. Seven innocent men who all tried to stop me, restrict me, break me. Seven men who are now lying around the room, deep clawmarks covering them, one even lying headless with his head still sitting on my claws. I made a clean cut across his throat and jammed my claws into his brain as I ripped him apart. And I was laughing. A manic laugh bubbled from my chest making me want to roll on the floor. But of course my body was still held by the handcuffs. Only my left hindleg was free, allowing me to do as I had done. Those would never bother me again.


“Oh Willow, what a mess you have done here.” A harsh voice said as the broad man entered the rom and looked at me with hateful eyes. “You bitch. These were good mens who had good homes and loving families. And you took that away from them!” he spat, litterally drooling down himself an over the bodies who lay spread i the room.


“Who are you to talk, you sick bastard!” I shrieked, almost displacing my shoulders as I tried to snap my jaws around his thin and fragile neck. But it didn’t sound human. It were a series of snarls and growls, whimpers and chewing noises. Right now I was not a little defenseless girl who had been ripped away. Right now I was a fearless wolf who wanted blood. And this man were the one who should spill it, running down his throat from the perfect cut I could do with my claw.


But this man was not as stupid as his co-workers. His puppets. He didn’t underestimate me, he didn’t take me for being a little girl. He knew what I was and what I could do to him, I had proudly showed him the room.


“What are we going to do with you?” he snarled and came a little closer, eyeing my claws cauctiosly. He knew that if he came too close I would rip him apart.


“Computer, I need a dote of anestetics, 2 dose for 3o kilos, injected via control lines in case 41. Now.” He spoke the words softly and at first I didn’t catch what he had said, understanding humans was difficult for me. Yet suddenly I felt it. The tingling sensation from the anestetics working it’s way around my bloodstream, slowly making my limps go numb and my head feel heavy. Dammit.


“Now, this is all better, it’s it?” he mused and stroke my cheek softly. And no matter how much I tried I couldn’t turn my head to bite him, nor rip him open with my claws. With soft whimpers I tried to move my head away instead but even this seemed to be unreachable for me and at last I gave in, letting thenumbness and darkness take over my body.

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