What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


7. Chapter 6 - Please!


“Willow huh? Well, welcome to hell Willow.” Red said and sent me a smirk that showed his fangs perfectly. “Hell? What do you mean, ‘hell*? Mommy always said that they are good men and that they only want to help us!” I rambled, my voice gaining an octave as I panicked. This wasn’t supposed to happen. It was only one man who was bad and I had already met him.


“Yeah, as if. Your mom and dad sent you here because they were ordered to when you were born. They have always known it would happen some day, so stop whining. This is a testing facility and those people take that literally.” Red said as he pulled up his shirt to show multiple bruises and cuts along with several green pulsating lines that I didn’t have. “This is only the recent work and they have even been gentle. So prepare for the worst.” He said with a sad smile and walked over to his bed to crawl in.


“Um… Red?” I asked in a scared voice as my ears and tail continued to be visible, tugging slightly on the to see if they would go away. “What?” he yawned and curled into a ball, looking at me with his piercing blue eyes. “When will these go away again?” I whispered and motioned towards my tail and ears with a worried gesture. I wanted these things to diappear again right now.


“When they decide to stop holding you in that state.” He muttered and turned around to face the wall, yawning again. “But.. How? I don’t want to be a wolf..” I muttered and walked towards my bed, the one with the purple sheets on it. “Not your choice. Now, would you mind letting me sleep?!” he growled from the other bed as I crawled under my blanket, not even bothering to take off my clothes. It was only a light summerdress after all. I would survive sleeping in it.


Of course I couldn’t sleep. After everything Red had told me I instead lay away for several hours just thinking, until my eyelids were finally tso heavy that they just closer and sent me into a nightmare world filled with green pulsating lights and long sharp knives that penetrated my skin.


“Mommy!” I shrieked as I sat up in my bed, sweat running down my back, tears streaming down my face and shaking violently from the nightmare I had been dreaming. “Would you shut up...?!” Red mumbled and turned in his bed, half asleep as he was, looking at me with ice cold eyes. “Your mommy isn’t gonna get you okay? She doesn’t want you anymore! Why can’t you just get that!”


That’s when I started to cry. I cried long and hard, my body shaking from my sobs, my cheeks getting wetter and my eyes getting dryer. “M-moommy..” I whispered as I sat there on top of my bed, rocking from side to side, afraid to go to bed. Maybe those bad men would come again and take me to the white room? Maybe Red was right? Mybe mommy didn’t love me anymore? Would she have sent me here if she did? No she wouldn’t. So she didn’t love me anymore. Red was right. And now I just had to show them that I was a strong girl. With a sigh I lay down again and pulled the blankets up over my ears to shut out noises, falling into a deep sleep almost immediatelyt.


“Princess, it’s timy to get up. Come on! I said get up!” a harsh voice shouted, making me jump and crawl away. But of course someone caught my vrist and practically ripped me out of bed. “I don’t wanna~!” I cried and tried to get away again, ripping his skin with my claws, ears laying flat against my head and my tail standing out from my body. “Get away!” I howled as he let go of me and pulled out a remote, quickly pushing one of the bottons. “What are y-” I asked before a shriek ripped it’s way through my body and I fell to the floor, twisting in pain.


“Now..” He whispered and grabbed me by my hair to pull me up, “..are you going to behave or do I have to drag you the whole way?”


“I’ll behave!” I shrieked, the pain ripping through my body since he had not yet turned anything off. I looked at him with begging eyes as tears velled up again and finally he turned the machine off, making me fall to the ground in quiet sobs. “Come on then, you little monster!” he growled and tossed me over his broad shoulder with ease, as he walked out of the room smiling.


Honestly I didn’t pay any attention to anything that was said or done to me until I saw and remembered where we were heading. The white room. “Please.. Not the white room… Please..!” I begged him as we turned around the lat corner and stood in front of the door.


“Well sweety we need to test your abilities today. And your claws need to be ironed. That might hurt a bit though.” He said with a grin as he opened the door and tossed me on the floor where I immediately seeked for an entrance or airtunnel to escape. “No no, not so fast!” he chuckled and blocked my way with his massive body, pressing me farthewr and farther back into the room and closer to the handcuffs that had held me last time. With a grunt he caught my arm and shoved it into one of the handcuffs, making me hang helplessly with one arm stretched into the air. Quickly and without problems he then cayght first my other arm and then my legs until he at last grabbed me around my neck and pushed me into the last cuff, immobilizing me completely.


“Now, first we iron your claws.. And then we need to test that combat ability of yours. But before we start, I think you need a punishment for what you did to me. That wasn’t nice at all..” He growled as he pulled the same knife again, walking towards me with an evil grin sticked on his face.

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