What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


6. Chapter 5 - Roommate


I looked at the blue eyes with a mix of fear and curiousity. Who was my new roommate anyway? And were he or she like me? A monster? Did they already have the green lines which I had aquired from the breaking in? I took a small step towards the blue eyes and smiled encouragin, looking at whoever it was with curious eyes. Yep, the person was like me. I ould conclude it by looking at the faint green glow they had around their body under the blanket. They had also been broken in. I almost felt sorry for whoever it was. It had been so painful for me and I had hoped it was because I was special. I guess it wasn’t. I guess it was something that happened to everyone here.


“H-hello..?” I asked in my tiny soft voice and sat down crosslegged on the floor a few meters away from the mysterious person. I tried so hard just to get a clear shot of anything but the blue eyes. I already knew they were shockingly blue. And they had a hateful look in them, which I was not comfortable with. “D-don’t look at me l-like hat please!” I said, my voice shaking a little.


“Get away!” a fierce voice growled, almost sounding like an anima. But animals didn’t have blue eyes, so it couldn’t be.. Could it? “P-please.. I just want to be friends.” I muttered shyly, blushing a little. Why was I being so persistent? I didn’t even know this person. “I said go away!” it shouted and shot out from under the blanket towards me with the fur waving behind. Wait what? Fur?! I rolled out of the way just in time to see a red fluffy child land beside me, covered in fur on the torso and with a fox tail sticking out of his pants, matching the red ears on his blonde head.


“S-stop it!” I gasped and spun out of the way as the child-fox launched at me agin, growling feriously as it extended it’s paws towards me and slashed in the air just in front of my face. With fast reflexes I didn’t know I had, I kicked out my legs and hit it in the stomach, sending it backwards out in the room and growled angrily, feeling a weird spinning on my hands, not even daring to look down. Instead I closed my hands into tiny fists and gasped low as I felt the claws break the skin on my palms. “W-what?” I murmured low as the kid launched against me again. But this time I didn’t flinch. This time I growled angrily and crouched, nefore I launched myself into the child, claws extended, black fur covering my hands and lower arms. “You asked for this, idiot!” I cried out and slashed the air in front of me, delivering a fine pair of scratches on it’s face, which were recieved with a hgolw in pain as it hurried back towards the wall, circling me carefully now. “You are shifting already?!” the child murmured ijn a deep voice. So it was a boy.


“Get away from me!” I growled as he came closer, looking at me with curious eyes. “You are a girl?!” he chuckled and showed his fangs. “Yeah, and so what?” I challenged before I let out a battle cry and hurled myself into him, snapping for his throat with my fangs, aiming for his heart with my claws. And what did did really surprised me. Instead of defending himself he just fell down on his back which sent my flying a good few meters behind him. And then he pulled my tail. Wait what?! I had a tail?! “Y-yah! Let go! It h-huts!” I cried and instantly took a step towards him, wincing slightly as he pulled it once again, looking at it with curious eyes. “You already have a tail? And ears! And the coolest claws like, ever!” he said and almost jumped where he stood from sheer excitement. “Yes I have a tail idiot, let go of it!” I growled and tried to pull the other way wincing slightly as it hurt all the way down my legs and all the way up in my spine.


“Sorry!” He muttered and released the iron grip he had on my tail before he pushed himself up into sitting crosslegged. “I’m sorry I pulled your tail, but you looked dangerous.” He sounded smug, a tiny smile on his lips. “Just leave me alone..” I said and sat down against the wall, slowly petting my tail, studying it a little closer. It was black and thick, the fur was rough yet it felt soft under my touch. It had a tiny white tip which only consisted of a few white hairs, leaving the rest to be a pitchblack color. I curiously reached up and touched the place where I expected my ears to be and smiled as I felt two big soft triangles on the top of my head. They were soft, almost velvet like. I wondered a little about which color they were before I looked around in the room, searching for a mirror.


"There!” I said, almost triumphant before I shot to my feet and ran across the big room, skidding to a halt in front of the mirror. “Oh! Oh oh oh!” I howled and jumped around. They were black with white fur on the inside, which were kinda fluffy. “They are so cute! Cute cute cute!” I sang as I dashed around in the room, heeling in front of the fox-boy. “You’re a fox! What’s your name?” I asked him as I dumped down besides him and smiled, showing my fangs.


“Stop looking so amused but this. You are not gonna be happy for that long time idiot.” He muttered and reached a hand up to touch my ear, petting my head softly before he lay his hand in his lap again.


“My name is Red. And don’t laugh. It ain’t funny.” He said with a sneer and looked me over again. “What’s your name then?”


Just as I opened my mouth to answer him a soft voice spoke in my mind, telling me something completely different than I had just been about to say.


“I’m Willow.” I answered out loud. Yet in my mind I say something completely different.


My name is Anayo.

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