What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


9. Chapter 5 - Nano's?


Desorientation. That was the first thing that hit me when my eyelids started to flutter and I tried to look around. Pain was the next. My whole body ached as if I had been doing hard physical work for hours, yet I knew I had been pinned to the wall in the white room. Restrainment hit me as the last. My hands were pinned down against my body, legs and torso immobilized completely. I couldn’t do anything but to lay there and wait for whoever was doing this. And this time that person had not been underestimating me. My hands were nocked in giant metal cuffs, as were my angles. I was secures by a metal band around my shoulder and waist and had a weird metal thing around my forehead.


“I see that you are awake.” A female voice said and I struggled to see who it was, really trying to turn my head. Of course I couldn’t. “That is a unneeded waste of energy, child.. Stop moving.” The voice said again and I felt a pair of cold hands touch my cheeks. “W-who are you?” I whispered, feeling the tears vell up in my eyes, completely freed from the wolf’s growling and bloodlust. I was nothign but a mere child right now. A frightened eight year old girl.


“Just a friend. It will be easier if you do’t struggle against us. Much easier.” She said again and walked over in one of the corners where she started finding different metallic objects, filling the tiny room with the sounds of metal against metal. When she turned around she had a tiny needle in her hand that she quickly pushed into my arterie, making me flinch from the sudden pain. “H-hurts!” I mewled and looked at her, begging her to take it out with my eyes.


“Orders from above, you will be inserminied with nanobots so we can keep you in check. You are way to strong for such a small kid.” She smiled a reasuring smile as she looked at me, tilting her head sligthly, almost as if she was waiting for something.


“You reach better to those nano’s than most people do, Willow.” She muttered, and turned around to leave the room again. Now I was all alone, and even though I kept telling myself it was okay, that they weren’t dangerous, my mind kept on telling me something else.


I grimaced as the pain suddenly became worse, a stream of fire burning through my veins, starting out from the tiny need that were in my arm. This was not just minor pain, it was as if liquid flames had been poured into my veins and set them on fire from the inside.


Yet… Even thought it felt as if my body was on fire my head was cool and clear, almost as if I was looking down on the struggling me from above. So of course I didn’t notice when I passed out. Not really anyway. I just noticed when I was poked with a tiny claw on my cheek as I head a voice speak.


“Wolfie? Wolfie?! Wake up!” the voice, whichw as clearly that of a girl my age, cried and I opened my eyes, reluctantly looking around, only to find a lot of kinds wearing the same headpiece as I wore.


“See? I told you she would wake up!” the girl said as I looked at her. She had blond hair and big blue eyes but what caught my attention was her snow white ears and striped tigertail. “Welcome to the fighters, Willow!” she said, a completely happy look on her face. Did she really enjoy being here?! But why?”


“Where am I?” was all I could think of asking her. And clearly she didn’t expect that, because she just glipped her big baby eyes at me and sent me a secretive smile. “The arena of course!We are supposed to train our skills here, so we will become better weapons, isn’t it exciting!” Wow, she was serious about this…


“But.. I don’t want to be a weapon?!” I growled, looking at her with annoyed eyes as she continued to dance and sing around, waggling her little tail. “Well, it isn’t your choice anymore. Only the strongest of us are allowed in here and then we are expected to train, and train good. Otherwise we are not useful anymore and then they will kill us!” At the word ‘kill’ she made her eyes look all big and scared beforte she cracked and laughed, a soft sound that I didn’t think she could do. Man that girl was loud!


“And of course, if you don’t train, they will just make you train anyay. That’s why we all got those tiny nano’s injected. Now they can control us! It’s kinda freaky but also really cool cause then if we become hurt and our bodies won’t let us move because of the pain they can just use us like a robot! So cool!”


“A robot?!” I cried out, wrapping my arms around my torso. The hell I was gonna be a robot!


And they would find out soon enough.

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