What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


5. Chapter 4 - The Breaking


“Breaking?” I muttered and looked at him, completely dumbfounded.What did he mean? He stuck his hand in his pocket and pulled a thing that liooked like a remote up. What would he use that for? There were no tlevision in here? “What are you-” I asked as he pushed one of the buttons and a shriek left my body. It felt as if I was ripped apart from within, the pain existing in every bone, every muscle in my body. I felt the hot tears in my eyes again and looked at him with scared eyes. But he didn’t do anything. He only chuckled and pressed another botton down making my body convulse again and my throat hurt from my scream. If I hadn’t been able to tell differently, I would have sworn that my body was burning.”Mo-Mommy!” I shrieked and tried to see her face for me. But somehow it was ripped away by the pain, each time he pressed down a botton. “We are only just beginning, sweety.” He said with a soft voice, completely drained for any emotion. What did he mean? It couldn’t get worse than this, could it?! I got the answer instantly as he pulled a knife and carefully cut my clothes off, revealing my tiny body to his evil eyes. “You are perfect..” He muttered before he lashed out and made a cut from my right elbow to my shoulder, only just breaking the skin to draw blood. Again I shrieked and again he just laughed at my terror and pain. He did the same on my other arm, only just drawing blood, avoiding any arteries or veins. “S-stop..” I cried, tears spilling out from my eyes and he cut from my vrist to my elbow on both arms. “No sweety. I can’t stop. I have to do this.” He said with a harsh voice and reached down in his pockes again, revealing some wires and plugs. With precice motions like he had done this a lot of times before he lay the wires down in my wounds, only leaving the ends sticking out. On each end he sat one of the plugs before he stroked my arm softly while murmuring some words, most likely for healing me. When he moved his hand away I could only see some faint green lines where he had cut me, green lines that were pulsating slowly, fading in the fading out again, in the rhythm of my heartbeat. He then did the same on my legs, cutting from ankle to knee and knee to hip on each leg, laying the wires in and closing the wounds. When he was finally finished my eyes were dry and my throat hoarse from the screaming and crying. “Now princess. Now we finally begin.” He whispered and pushed a botton on his remote. First nothign happened, and I was sure that he had done something wrong but then the pain came, ten times worse than before. It felt as if someone had poured acid in my blood and I screamed. Screamed so loud that I was almost sure my mommy and daddy could hear me. But the couldn’t. They had given me to these bad men. They didn’t want me anymore. The bad man grinned as he saw my tears again, and pushed another botton, making my body convoulse from the exploding pain. That’s the last I remember before I fainted from the pain.


“Sweety, wake up. Daddy is here for you.. Come on, wake up..” A soft voice said as my eyelids twitched from the sudden loss of pain. It felt empty without it, almost at least. I had been drifting in and out of conscious the last few hours, each time awakening to intense pain and screams. My onw screams. Yet now there was nothing. No pain, no teror, no screams. Instead a pair of gentle arms held me close, protecting me from what was outside, protection me from the bad men. “Daddy..” I mumbled softly and tried to reach up to touch his face but my arms were too weak and instead felt limbly down my side½. I tried to open my eyes and finally my heavy eve´´yelids gave in and let me open my eyes. Dumbfounded I stared at the man who were carrying me through the corridors, soon realizing that it wasn’t who I had expected, no; wanted it to be. I shrieked. As loud and high pitch I could I shrieked, causing him to flinch and loosen his grib just enough to let me get down and run as fast as I could on my tiny legs. I had always been fast and even if I was obnly eight years old I gave him something to run for. And he only catched me because I ran into a blind, feverly looking around for an escape route but finding none.


“Gotcha!” he said with a grin and caught my elbow, pulling me into his arms. “Don’t worry. I won’t hurt you like he did..” He murmured softly into my hair. Something in me wanted to trust him but I knew it could be fatal if I did. So instead I just stood there doing nothing and let him do whatever he wanted. When he took my hand and pulled me along I tried to be as willing as possible to follow him and didn’t make any chaos.


We walked through many corridors and I soon lost track of where we were. I had tried to picture it in my head in the beginning but I soon gave up. This was too big for me to learn right now. My body was weak and my mind slow. An all because of Hijm. The bad man who had put me in the white room. I shivered just by thinking about him. He wasn’t nice at all.


“We are here, Willow.” The man said and stopped in front of a door in a red corridor. The door was white and there were the number “547” written in gold. “This will be your room. Your roommate awaits you. But first I need your necklace. You won’t need it anymore.” He said and motioned for me to turn around so he could open the necklace. I quickly did as he wanted, needing the necklace off me, and to be thrown away. I hated it already. It was what my dad had given me before they handed me over to the bad men.


When the necklace was lifted from my chest I could instantly feel something different in me. Something wild and alive. I turned around again and looked at him curiously. “Go on. Enter your new life.” He said with a soft smile and opened the door, only to reveal a brown and white room that looked like it could be any hospital around the world.


I carefully took a step inside, then another and heard the door shut behind me. With cauctious I looked around, expecting the worst and were surprised when nothing hurt me or shocked me. I walked slowly around the room, watching every detail and suddenly caught a pair of blue eyes staring feriously at me from the bed in the farthest away corner.




Okay people! I normally operates on two computers and guess what? One of them rejects the charger, the other misses a very important "n" botton. So this is going to be a test on my patience as well as yours. This results in that I don't correct my chapters right now, but I will as soon as one of them is normal again.


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