What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


4. Chapter 3 - Hit


“I want my mommy” I said and stared coldly at the men. “Where is she? I want my mommy now!” No one answered me. No one had talked to me since the bad men took me away from my mommy and daddy. Why didn’t they do anything to stop them? Mommy was crying after daddy gave my the blinking necklace that was still tied around my neck, even though I had tried to get it off. I Didn’t know why my mommy and daddy had given me to those men, I hadn’t done anything wrong. Of course I couldn’t be sure what had happened in the part I can’t remember, only suddenly mommy was shouting at me and shaking me as if it were life or death. “Let me go! I wanna see my mommy and daddy!” I said with a pout and stuck out my tongue at the man beside me. We had been riding in thi car for two hours or so and I was already tired of it. Nothing happened, and I had nothing to do When the man saw my tongue he turned in his seat and stare coldly at me. “You little brat!” he hissed and slapped me across my face with the back of his hand. It hurt. It really hurt and tear welled up in my eyes, soon running down my cheeks as I sobbed. “You won’t be able to do anything against me, little princess-” he spat the word out, not at all loving like daddy had said it. “- but soon you will be ours completely and we will break you. And then we will seal the monster inside you away forever. But it will hurt. Oh yes it will hurt. Cause the monster don’t want to exit you. You’re nothing but a host or it. And soon, soon you will be so broken that only we can use you.” He chuckled hoarsely and grapped my face in his big hand, twisting it against his own as he pulled me closer. “And then you’ll be mine.” He whispered with an evil laugher, making me flinch. “I don’t wanna!” I cried and tried to pull away, only to be grabbed by my arm in a hurtful grib. He was really stro, and he had big hands that easily held my arm in a stern grib. “When I am done with you, you willl beg for mercy Beg for me to protect you. Remember that, little princess!” he growled and tossed me back in my seat. I instantly shyed away, trying to camuflage myself in the door. I already hated that guy. And under no circumstances would I beg him for anything.


“We are here.” A harsh voice said and pulled my almost sleeping body out of the car only to catch my arm and hold me up as my legs buckled under me. I would have fallen if that guy hadn’t catched me. But he was one o the bad men. As soon as I realized this I hissed and pulled my arm free or well, I tried to do so. But the only thing that got me was a hard slap on my cheek. “Mommy…” I whimpered softly and flinched as a hand came around my neck from behind. “Tie the leash. Now!” a man growled. A leash? Wasn’t that what we had used on our former dogs? I was ripped out of my thoughts as a hand came in a touched a silvery leash to my necklace, melting together into a whole thing, unseen that it had been two different things before. “W-what are you doing?!” I choked as the hand let go of my neck and I was pulled away. Normally I would see this as fun but right now I was too scared for that. “This way.” The voice said again as we started to move. Where were they taking me?!


It felt like I had been walking for hours on my tiny legs when we finally stopped outside a door with the number 92. I looked at it curiously. Wondering what this place was. It had thick greyish walls that looked soft and smooth, the ceiling was covered in hospital lights and there were no windows. Close to the ceiling there were tiny airconditioners which sent fresh air into the building. I jumped a little when a thick hand grabbed me around my neck againand the leash was untied. It felt really good not to be on leash anymore but oddly the hand wasn’t removed from around my neck. Instead the door was opened and I was pushed inside, revealing a weird chamber with all-white walls, a lot of light and some weird installment on the back wall. “Move!” the voice growled again and I moved into the room, unconcciously moving towards the back wall. Something were weird about those things, they almost looked like holders for something. There were even stairs up to them so a little person like myself could get up there. But appearantly I didn’t have to use those because two strong hands grabbed me around the waist and lifted me up, professionally placing my hands into two of the cuffs, my neck into another and my feet into the last one, each of them closing as soon as my flesh touched them. “N-no! Don’t! Let me doown!” I shrieked as I felt the magic in them. They already hurt a bit. The bad man who had hit me finally looked at me, an evil grin in his lips. “Now, my princess; now the breaking begins.“

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