What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


3. Chapter 2 - Taken


“Come on Willow! We have to go!” The woman called out at her daugther who came running into the room, giggling as her dad came after her, running on all four like a wolf. “Daddy! Stoop! I give in!” She said in between giggles, her tiny body shaking from all the laugher. With a growl her dad crouched in front of her and looked at her intensily, finting to be trying to find the best way to attack her. “Now, my little princess. Now I’m going to eat you!” He said and launched himself at her, tickling her sides and stomach. “D-daddy, s-s-stop!” she whined as he pressed his fingers under her ribs, twisting on the ground as she tried to get away. Suddenl she went limb, not trying anymore, instead staring at her dad with fiercy eyes, growling angrily at him. “Princess it was only for fun.” He said as she continued to growl at him, and looked at his wife for help. “Willow, would you come down already. He was only playing!” she said in an soft voice and walked over to turn her dayghter around and look her in the eyes. Yet when she touched her daughter sge spun around and sneered at her, showing tiny fangs. “Josh, get away from her!” She cried and took a step closer to her daugther, holding her arms in a strong hold. “Willow, snap out of it! Right now!” she said with terror in her voice as she watched her daugthers fangs grow bigger and felt the tiny claws starting to grow over her tiny fingernails. “Josh! Call them! Right now! CALL THEM!” She shrieked when she saw wolf ears pop out of nothing on Willows tiny head. “Not this soon..!” She muttered helplesl and looked on her daughters back, only to find a black tail standing straight out from her body, fur raised. “Momma?” the little girl said and looked at her with fiercy green eyes. “What’s happening?” she said, her voice sounding more like a growl than human speech. “Just calm down, okay baby? Then everything will be okay. Just calm down..” The woman cried as she felt her little girl shake in her arms and felt the claws dissovle again, leaving only her soft tiny fingers. “That’s my girl.” She said with a shaky voice as her husband came into the room with a necklace in his hand. “Honey, you need to take this necklace on, I want you to h-have it.” He said and tied it around her neck where it glowed softly in a green light. “What is this daddy?” she asked in a tiny voice as her fingers tried to take it off. “Daddy! I don’t like it! Take it off!” she cried, her tiny hands trying to rip it off. Her father only looked away, not able to look at his little girl, whom he had just betrayed. Whos life he had just ruined. “I’m sorry my daugther..” He whispered as the men entered the house and looked around to find the necklace on the little girl. “I’m sorry sir; ma’am. But it’s for the best. You both know that.” One of them said in a deep voice and took Willow by her hand. With an expressionless face he pulled her away, away from the only childhood she had ever known, away from her parents and their protection.


Long after her daugther had been taken by the Feral Child Experimental Institution no one in the house said anything. Only the womans sobs could be heard and only if one listened carefully. FInally the man broke the silence. “It was for the best.. For her best.” He said softly and hugged his wife close, felling her tears soak through his shirt. “Don’t worry love, they will take good care of her. They sad they would. And they are always telling the truth. You know that as good as I. The FCEI are good people. They only want the best for the children.” He said, almost like a robot. Feral children were not something good. They were uncontrollable and had to be managed correctly. And the only ones who wanted something to do with them were the FCEI. They were good people who tried to find a cure for the feral state those children suffered from. Everybody knew that. It was what was taught in school from they were young.


“But. Her cries.. She called our names, we should have prevented it from happening! We should have..” The woman cried into his shoulder. “The only thing that could have prevented this would have been you doing as you were told.” The man said in a hoarse oice. Of course she already knew this. Everybody in The New Land knew it. And if you didn’t do as you were told, bad things would happen. They both knew that very well, when their child was born they had been punished from their mistake. Even though it was only her mistake he had been punished too. Because that was just how it was. How it had always been. Both parents of a feral child took the punishment when the child was born. And then as soon as the child made it’s first attempt to shift, they should be handed in. Either that, or instant killing when it was born. That was the rules and everyone obeyed them. 

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