What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


12. Chapter 12 - Get Out?


Everything was a blur of slashing claws, snapping teeth and pained howls. Both for her and for me. We would hurl into each other and bring on a few wounds efore we would break apart again, only to circle and watch each other. Then we would claps together again, white and black fur mixing with the red blood from os both when we got close enough or found an opening in the others defense. Once I even got close enough to snap my jaws around her ear, pulling it almost completely off, earning a shriek from her and a minute break as she examined her wounds, trying to see how much damage I had done to her.


“You bastard wolf! You are an abnormality and if it came to us, your whole race would be extint!” Again I flinched as the voice came in my head, soft and velvet with a harsh edge of despair and panic. She was losing blood because of the wounds I had given her, just as I was losing blood from those she had given me. Yet I still had both my ears firmly on my head. And she only had one.


“You are just a cat, what can you do to me? If you feel the urge to hate me so much, then why not come and fight me? Are you that afraid of me? Or are you afraid I will kill you, just as I killed your friend?” As I spoke I looked in her direction with a challenging snort, a wolfgrin on my face. If she was this afraid of me, I could just as well tease her a wee bit before I let her go.


“I, a magnificent tiger, should be afraid of a mongrel like you? A puppy who took her first step only yesterday? We may be the same age but we are not the same level. I will always be your superior. Always.” She snarled at me with hateful eyes and again we circled, looking intensely at each other to look for a mistake in the others defense, an opening to attack and destroy.


I felt the dirt under my paws as we continued to circle on the ground, waiting for the opening I knew would have to come. She couldn’t go on forever, and especially not as much as she was bleeding. Soon she would be weak. And then she would make mistakes. Mistakes I could use.


With a snarl I was pulled back to reality just in time to fall straight on my stomach as the tiger flew through the air where I had just been standing seconds ago. I rolled to the side and jumped to my feet again, facing the feral girl who would kill me without a blink of her eyes and never regret it. She was a killer and I was a killer. And this battle would be fatal for one of us.


As I turned around to avoid another attack I slashed out with my front paw, delivering a deep cut in her side, reaching from her hind leg to her ribs. And that did it. She howled. Howled in pain and frustration as she fell down on her belly, a desperate look in her eyes.


“I.. I can help you… To get out.. Out of here…” she moaned, suddenly anxious, looking at me with honest eyes. I wanted to trust her. But.. She had just tried to kill me, and honestly, I shouldn’t trust her, should I?


“Tell me.” I commanded, not relaxing at all, even though she was down. Something told me that she was crazy and would do whatever it took to spare her own life. Even if it meant lying and deceiving others.


“You… My wound.. You need to heal it..” She whispered, looking at me with eyes that were filled with pain and panic. She was really dying. Or at leastt she thougt she was.


“Alright.. Tell me what to do..” I sat back on my haunches, looking at the tiger-who-was-a-girl with curious eyes. “Your snout.. You need to touch my wounds with you snout and then whisper the first words that comes to you…”


First words that came to me? What did she mean with that? “What do you mean by that?!” I looked at her, doubt in my eyes, ears pointed completely to see if she was lying or not. Apparently she wasn’t.


“Just do it..” She moaned, now laying completely on flat on the ground, the ocean of red getting bigger and bigger around her for every second that we spoke.


“Roll over then..” I murmured, nudging her paw gently with my nose until she rolled over with a painful gas, a tiny whimper escaping her. “Lay still..” I whispered before I tryingly put my snout against her wound, instantly feeling something grow in me.


“Aranae tirde anewa..” I breathed into the wound, seeing how it started ti shine softly in a green light, the muscles and arteries twisting before my eyes as they found their place and set back. I couldn’t see anything anymore, a soft pale green light covering my vision everything with a strange green glow now. I could pick out feral children who were here with their parents, they shone brighter than their parents and the humans surrounding them. And then I looked at the tiger, quickly turning my head again. She shone so bright that it almost hurt my eyes.


“You… You are healing me..” She whispered in an incredulous voice, too shocked to even move when the light faded and I was able to see again. “How could you do it so easy.. It takes ages for the rest of us to learn and you just did it..” She tryingly got up on her front legs, stretching on the ground, twisting her body to examine what I had done.


“You said I could do it so I just did it, I guess..” I tilted my head a little looking at her with surprised eyes. So she had kinda lied yet no one had gotten hurt and everything was fine now, right?


“So tell me, how do I get out of here?!” I growled, instantly back on alert, every cell of my body ready to attack or dodge her. She was not going to get away from me this easy.


With eyes completely drained from feeling she spoke in a flat voice.


“You have to die.”

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