What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


11. Chapter 11 - Shifting


“And we have a winner! Look at how she took him down, like a real predactor! The wolf took down the lion, and with a grace rarely seen!”


I heard the voice from a distance, blurred and muted yet completely clear in my mind. I had won, I was a fighter. ANd this was my prey. My trophy. I bit down harder, ripping his windpipe open with a feral growl, feeling my tail stiffen from the new taste in my mouth. It was salty and metallic but it tasted sweet and full, leaving me in an almost drunk state.


I didn’t notice the men at first, my whole being completely focused on the weird taste from the blood that filled my mouth and throat. I shook the lion hard, feeling the skin rip even more and the blood run down him and me. And first then did I notice the men.


They stood around me, looking at me with fearful eyes, the tiny eight year old girl who sat crouched, snarling on the body of another child. A child that didn’t breath anymore, didn’t have a heartbeat anymore. He was dead. And I had killed him. I could see the fear in their eyes, see how resentful they were to come near me, obviously they knew I had killed before. Yet they had to try and pry me away ffrom him.


They are going to take away your prey…


The thought hit me with so much force that I instantly faced them, snarling and growling at them, my ears standing stiff, pointing in their direction. I had my complete self concentrated on protecting my prey and no human should stand in my way.


“Look at her eyes… Weren’t they green yesterday?! That color.. SHe is shifting! Run! For gods sake, trun! NOW!”


I stopped dead where I was standing, growling silently at the men, a soundless rumble in my chest as I saw them turn around and run away from me, screaming and shouting at the people who sat at the tribune, looking down at the scene with curious eyes.


And then I felt it.


A tingling sensation that ran down my spine and out into my fingers, leaving a burn that made me clench my teeth and whine softly. It felt as if my skin was ripped, my flesh and bones shaped into another form, a form where it didn’t belong, stretching and turning into weird and painful shapes that made me shriek. My intestions were moved around to fit this new me, this new body that wasn’t me and was me.


And then all out of a sudden it was all over and I stood, panting with my big lungs, my tongue hanging a little out between my jaws, tasting the air and my big ears turning around, catching the different noises, a woman sneezing, aa man coughing, a breathless gasp. They were looking at me with fearful eyes. There was fear in the eyes, I could smell it with ease, the thick and sticky smell of nervous sweat.


“Well well my friends! Look at her! Isn’t she just gorgeous! Look at her! This, my ladies and gentlemen, is her first full shift, and if you ask me she did it fairly well, only screaming once. Now, in reality she should have two more fights before she were to fight in the finale, which I have no doubt she would reach, but since we only have one other fighter who has made the full shift, we will jump to the grand finale now and release the tiger! Please cheer her in for the grand finale fight!”


I snarled at the piercing voice that rang through the arena, a noise that was way to high to be pleasant for anyone. Yet everyone clapped. Why would they clap? What did the human even say? It sounded like a lot of nasal noises and throatsounds in my ears. Yet I knew I should be able to understand it. I had been able to once. But now I couldn’t.


“Ahh! The tiger is now awaiting her entrance, so why don’t we cheer her in! Come on kitty! Come on out!” the man shouted into the microphone, making the arena go wild with cheers and claps.


Suddenly a sound in the midst of the crazy caught my attention. Soft paws against the dirt and a gate that was slowly opened, revealing a white tiger standing, looking at me with examinating eyes. She snorted once before she slowly walked out towards the middle of the arena where I was, almost in a slow lope, gracefully gliding over the dirt on silent paws, never letting go of my eyes. She was a predactor. And she knew exactly what she wanted.


“Now little wolf, are you ready to play?”


I flinched as I heard the soft velvet voice in my head and growled low, showing my fangs at her. “Only one of us will walk out of here. And I will have a nice tigerskin with me when I do.”


This got her attention and with a feral snarl she showed her teeth, lightning striking out from her eyes. This fight was going to be a fight to the death. And we both knew it.


And then she launched at me, claws extended and teeth ready to kill. 

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