What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


10. Chapter 10 - The Arena

"Welcome to the arena, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to another night of entertainment provided by FCEI! Tonight we will have four fights in the initial round, then the four remaining Feral's will fight two and two, and last we will have the great finale where only the strongest walk out! Be prepared for the fun and give a warm welcome to our first fighters, A fox and a panter!  Look at that tail! Isn't she just gorgeous and stronglooking?"

I sat inside the lockerroom and stared at the equipmet I had been given. It was really simple actually, leather protectors for my arms and legs and a collar to  protect my throat. And that was it. Nothing in metal, only soft leather. Even hough I knew that my claws could easily cut through material that soft, I didn't know if my opponent could and really, I didn't want to find out. I was really nervous about having to fight someone I had never met, and even with the Nano's inside my blood I wasn't sure I could build the rage needed. What would happen to me if I didn't turn Feral? 

I shook my head and looked at the equipment again. No. I was going to show them what I was made of. I was going to show them the power of the wolf inside me. With determination in my face, and rage in my eyes I quickly tied on the equipment and braided my hair into a thick braid down my back. The scared little girl was no more. The Feral was everything now, leaving no space for being afraid of the bad men.

"Look at them go! Oh my! I think the tiger just won by knocking the fox out! What a fight! Next up is the wolf and the lion! Please welcome them in the arena!"

As I entered the arena the rtage started to boil through my body and I could feel the tingling sensation that told me my ears and tail were showing to the normal people. Ferals could always see each others animal, but normal humans couldn't. They were weak. And so were this lion that stood in front of me, his ears lating flat against his skull, fangs showing slightly on the lips and his tail swishing over in the air. 

"Ready to play, kitty cat?" I snarled and crouched, my tail standing stiff out from my body, ears peeking in his direction, claws and fangs showing. He looked at me with questioning eyes, taking in my figure obviously. "Am I fighting a baby?" he growled, hinting my tiny height and slender body. 

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome our newest fighter, the wolf! She may look tiny but she is a feral as they get! Look at her fangs and claws! Have you seen anything like that before on a feral this young? Well I certainly haven't! And it looks like the lion may underestimate her!"

I snarled at the speaker, which was rewarded with a gasp from the audience, before I turned my attention to the lion again, cirling him with cautios eyes. I could see how he tried to keep every motion subtile and not to gain my attention in any way. Yet I saw it. I saw the way his tail twitched just the moment before he launched himself at me, bared teeth and claws. 

With a grinning snarl I ducked and pushed my legs up, hitting his soft stomach with all the force I had in me, ripping a deep wound over his soft skin, which caused him to curl into a ball on the ground, holding his stomach with shaking eyes. 

"Now... Who's the baby?" I spat and slashed him on the arms, easily ripping the leather armor into pieces. "Please.. Don't..!" he moaned, blood gushing out of the open wound on his stomach. 

"Don't what?" I smirked and slashed again, ripping his collar apart. Of course he tried to get up. Of course he tried to run. But I was the one in charge here. I was the strong one here. And I was to show him that.

When I saw the scared look in his eyes, I casually walked over to him, ignoring his weak claws that tried to get me away from him. I didn't do anything good anyway. And neither would he. 

"Bye bye kitty cat.." I whispered before I pushed him down and snapped my jaws around his throat, easily piercing the soft skin that was not protected anymore. 

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