What happens in a world filled with magic, when a women meets a wolf and they bond? Well, the child will become feral, made of the wild in the animal and just as uncontrollable. Willow is like that, born to a destiny she had not chosen herself, born to be the strongest, wildest and most feral child ever. So what will happen when she repell that? When she wants to be more than a weapon?


2. Chapter 1 - Birth


Pain. That was the only thing she knew. Pain in her uterus. Pain in her spine. Pain everywhere. Her strained face told me so, her painfilled howls told me so. The female was laying on her back with her hind legs held in some sort of installation, that I had never seen before. Her eyes were shut and her body was naked except for a piece of weird fur. Did I ever tell you how she looked? I don’t recall I did. She had short fur on her head with the same color as a new moon midnight and skin which looked to be snow colored. For me, she looked pretty plain, with no face markings or fur, but the two-legs found her pretty. At least her male did. He cooed her with some strange gutteral sounds and stroked her fur with his paws. He was sitting on some kind of wooden rock beside her and held one of her paws in his own. It looked like she liked it yet she showed him her teeth like she had done so long ago in the forest with me. Only there was no growling sound, no sneer. Those two-legs were weird. Soul eaters were weird. But this wasn’t just any soul eater having her litter. This was my soul eater, and I was not going to move until I saw her cub. I was gonna sit there until she had delivered her litter, or maybe just her cub. They normally didn’t get a lot of young, maybe that was why they were so few. And lived so long. My female was already getting grey around her nose and she wasn’t that old. She was a beautiful snow colored wolf with tree colored eyes and a midnight colored snout.


With a howl in pain I was ripped out of my daydreaming and lay my ears flat against my skull. How could a two-legged make such weirdd and hurtful sounds? It felt as if my ears were ripped apart when she shrieked in pain from the birth. Maybe two-legs were just weak. Our females didn’t sound like this when they were having a litter, they whimpered softly but it was nothing special. They always came our right after and oresented the first born cub for me, their Alpha. Then it was my duty to give the cub a name. This cub would get one of their weird gutteral sounds as a name, but I would give it one of our names as well. She would need it if the storied told were true.


With a piercing cry the females body convulsed and another female hurried between her legs to catch the cub when time was. Another strange thing about two-legs, someone always have to catch their cubs. And they don’t lick then clean, they use water and fur. And their cubs are born naked, the color of my tongue. Truly weird creatures, they are. Tiny howls from the female-who-was-expecting-a-litter reached my ears and I looked at her again, only to see the first of the cub being born. It was a head, a tiny head. Unknown to myself my tail started to wiggle softly as I looked at the birth scenario. This was truly amazing. I had seen litters being born before but I had never seen a two-legged give birth, they were never out so we could see it. My great-grandfather had seen one himself, and had told great sories from it. Now I knew why. It was truly amazing to watch.


Suddenly the woman let out a groundshaking howl and the cub was all out, quickly caught by the other female who put her paw to it mouth to clean it, smiling as the cub howled from the sudden cold. She now waited for the placenta to come out. With soft cooing sounds she encouraged the female to press again, which she despite of looking very weak did. When she pressed the third time the placenta finally came out and the female inspected it, to see if it was whole. Apperantly it was, because she quickly cut the umbilical cord and cleansed the cub with soft fur, before she handed it to it’s mother who looked tired but satisfied. She handed her cub to it’s father who looked at it with loving eyes before he quickly untied the fur to see it’s gender, which was clear from my angle. It was a tiny female cub.


Anayo, I thought to myself. Your name is Anayo.


As I looked at the scenario again, something odd caught my eyes. The tiny cub was crying and in the air above her head I could see two tiny ears. Wolf ears.



Der er nogle forholdsvis svære engelske ord i det her kapitel, og det kommer der nok også til at være i de kommende kapitler, så fra nu af vil jeg lave en lille ordliste af de sværeste ord i hvert kapitel, det vil gøre det hele nemmere for jer :)


Uterus - livmoder

Umbilical cord - navlestreng

Placenta - moderkage

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