The Waltz of the Deceased

Do you believe in life after death?
Well, 30 year old father of one James doesn't believe in ghosts, heaven, hell, basically anything that involves existing after death, until he is put in the situation to find out exactly what is 'on the other side'


2. Swimming in Debt



As James rode home, he was getting more and more cross.

'How could there be nothing?' he thought to himself, mounting his old, rusty excuse that he calls a bike. He had been searching through the all the jobs in town and there was not one space for him. It was times like this, he wished he had listened in school, actually studied for the most important tests of his life. Not even the job centre could end his misery or even give him a clue of where to go next. as he rode over the bridge and out of the jobless, store inhabited city centre, he glanced at his watch. Ten to eight. How could he have been out so long? He has a wife and young child to feed! James quickly biked home, not stopping once apart from at the chicken shop to pick up a late dinner.

As James got to put his feet through his front door, he knew something was wrong. The room was physically and metaphorically dark and cold. Rose was just sat on the sofa, wrapped in a blanket, with dozens of what seemed like brown envelopes, littered around her. there was just one candle positioned in the middle of the coffee table, just in front of the seat.

James decided to approach her. 

'Sweetie? are you okay?'

Despite her eyes being open, she still remained unconscious of anyone else had entered the room. 

'Where's Ryan?'

James got no reply.

'Probably in his room' James thought. He had always known Ryan was pretty emotionally intelligent, whenever he saw his mum in the state she is, he would hide in his bedroom until he had came to comfort him. James had an unbelievably big bond with Ryan.

'I bought you a chicken fillet burger' James said but knew he wouldn't get a reply.

he put the steaming hot, foil wrapped package on their coffee table.

'I'm going upstairs to see Ryan now'.

 as James stood up and made his way to the stairs, Rose spoke for the first time. 'I've already eaten.' 

He sighed. either, she probably wasn't hungry. Unlike him and Ryan, she didn't enjoy their trips so the fried chicken shops, and the only thing that she'd order off the menu would be the fillet burger. James didn't believe for one second that she'd already eaten. 

'Then you can eat again, then' 

'I don't feel like eating'

'Why not?'

'Rose stood up from the sofa. it was then when he spotted the jewelled crystals in her eyes, she'd been crying.

'Are you completely blind? Can’t you see all these council letters?!? We are in so much debt; soon, we are going to be evicted!' She was shouting now.

'You can't say I haven't been trying!' James was shouting too now. 'Every day for the past three months, trudging around the city, trying to find a place of work, but there hasn't been anything for a man of my qualifications!

Everything went quiet for a few minutes. Rose was the first to break the silence.

'Y-you and Ryan better eat your chicken now before it gets too cold'.

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