The Waltz of the Deceased

Do you believe in life after death?
Well, 30 year old father of one James doesn't believe in ghosts, heaven, hell, basically anything that involves existing after death, until he is put in the situation to find out exactly what is 'on the other side'


1. Prologue

Before I begin this story, I must tell you a bit about the life of James Dale, as the way this story is going,  I don't think he won't be living it for much longer.

James Dale was your average Joe, worked a 9 to 5 job for an arguably decent amount of pay, then he would go home to the two most beloved people in his life, his wife, Rose, and his 3 year old son, Ryan, less than a year ago, they were the happiest family alive, until he fell into major debt. His place of work was made redundant and he was one of the so many who had lost his job. after 6 months on benefits, he was told the council would take everything that his family holds dear to him, apart from the air in their lungs, from underneath them if they couldn't pay up their bills and rent. Rose got a Job at the local shop, but even that was not enough to deal with their serious debt...   

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