The Waltz of the Deceased

Do you believe in life after death?
Well, 30 year old father of one James doesn't believe in ghosts, heaven, hell, basically anything that involves existing after death, until he is put in the situation to find out exactly what is 'on the other side'


3. Do you believe in ghosts?


James had forgotten that during this awakening to reality, that he was holding the warm bag of fried chicken in his arm. With no further remarks in his little 'chat' with his wife, he turned around and headed up the stairs. He now felt extremely guilty that there was a big chance that Ryan would have heard all the shouting. James wanted to make it up to his son, and he knew just the way.

'Ryan?' called James, now at the top of the stairs. His door of his ghost themed bedroom was wide open and there was no sign of a 3 year old boy anywhere. Just as James was heading downstairs, He was unsuspectingly startled. BOO! shouted a familiar voice from behind him. As he turned around, he saw his son, with a white blanket on his head, arms suspended in the air like a zombie.

'Ryan' said a now enthusiastic dad. Bring some pillows and blankets into the garden; I have an exciting evening planned for you. 

After a night full of chicken munching, storytelling and watching movies on the portable TV, Ryan and his dad soon fell asleep under the stars. James woke up a while later and looked at his watch. Midnight.

Like a worthy dad, He carried Ryan, still in his phantom costume, up the stairs, into his room, and plunged him into his bed. After wrapping him in the duvet, he planted a sweet kiss on his slumbering child’s cheek.

‘Goodnight, my little ghost’

Just as James was about to leave the room, Ryan confirmed that he was awake.


‘Yes Ryan?’



James was confused now, what was real? How many three year olds even use that word?

Ryan pointed at a poster on the wall. It was a picture of a ghost.

‘Real? Yes? No?’

James smiled to himself. He never thought he’d be in the position that his 3 year old son would be asking him a question that has never been answered.

He ruffled Ryan’s Hair.

‘I’d say no, but some people would say yes. Goodnight’ he explained and shut the door. He didn’t know any other way of explaining it but he felt satisfied with himself. For once, he felt like he had been a good father, but he has a feeling that this will be his last chance…

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