Elavania is a young witch living in the world of the other side. In the other side there are witches, werewolves, vampires, dragons and many other creature but no humans. There is something special about Elavania she has a destiny to save he world. What happens when a young girl suddenly arrives at the other side not remembering who she was and how she got here for the fantasy competition.


1. Prologue

The young girl looked up at the stars shining brightly compared to the dull midnight black sky. When a bright star fell coming closer and closer and falling near the girl's back garden. She tip toed her way out of her parents room and ran downstairs trying not to make a noise. She found the keys under the flower pot and turned the key.

She opened the door and was welcomed by a breeze of the wind. She looked outside and saw nothing but the star outside. She put on her black boots and ran outside to her garden. Her heart beated and she walked slowly to the star and found out it wasn't a star at all but a silver circle thing. She picked it up and started shaking it.

Suddenly she felt like her world was turning around and around. She suddenly felt very dizzy and fell down on the orange-red leaves. When she woke up she stood up amazed where was her house?. She picked the circle thing and put it on her hand. She looked at herself and laughed when she saw her pyjamas were replaced with a blue dress and jacket. She tugged her hair and let her red hair loose. Her pale fingers tingled with excitement. She walked around a smile on her face. Where was she how did she get there?.

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