Torn Away.

I could never understand the constant talk of love. Never understand the complex meanings...never truly recognize the concept of a heart break. But now I could. Now I was the person indside every story...Every first love, every ending. But I knew it to had end...Didn't I?

Victoria Heart, vampire, and completely unknown to her vast amount of friends, has no idea why she's on this planet. Cold and alone...Only a brother with no reason to live talking out her every thought...Doing what a creature like her was forbidden to do.
But when Jason Fault comes into her life, she can be herself. Daren't she reconsider letting him into the mixed up mind maze that is her?


1. Preface

Burning eyes... Forbidden smile...Everything you would love to be at your knee's. To never reconsider that the boy, tears at the creases of the golden brown iresis would die for you...

Die. Death. Dead.

The same word, but with every possible meaning... Past, Present, and unfathomable future.

He wanted me. Something I would say to my brother was never possible.

My brother.

Dead, gone...ready to start another future. Another life.

But my new life would be without Jason.

I stared into his passionate fearful eyes, as slowly...painfully the fire crept up my arm.

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