Another World (Another World Trilogy, First Book)

I admit it. I, Serena Beckett, am a super duper die-hard 1D fan! But I'm writing this to tell you about my summer with my friends, Bella Townsend, Gemma Jenkins, Vala Williams and Abby summer that was so bizarre and breathtaking that none of my other friends would believe me. My summer with One Direction.

Copyright by Starla Blaze ©


2. The Next Day

Abby's P.O.V

The next day, at precisely 11 am, we all gathered in Serena's house, ready to go. We were all super excited. I had a nervous fit, stammering my words. Then I looked around the room. I could tell I wasn't the only one who was excited. Gemma was rocking back and forth with a manic grin on her face and staring into space. Vala was just talking gibberish, about what she would wear, and what boys she would meet along the way. But Bella was as cool as a cucumber, flicking through our resort brochure with a big smile spreading across her lips. Then Mrs B shouted "Girls, the taxi is here!" "Venientum Mama! Coming!" Serena shouted as we got our bags. Her Latina accent only comes through when she speaks the language. Most of the time she is total English. Her voice is so pretty. We looked at each other and screamed at exactly the same time. We gathered our luggage and rushed downstairs. We ran out the door, well, ran as fast as we could with dozens of bags of luggage in our hands. I got into the cab first. Then Serena, Val, Bella and Gemma. We left the luggage outside for the driver to put it in the boot. We looked at each other and squealed simultaneously. Mom sat in the front. The driver asked "Where to?" Mom replied "To the airport please" She turned and looked at us all and smiled. Somehow I knew that this would be a summer I would never be able to forget.  

Gemma's P.O.V

We were all at Serena's house. Everyone was excited and/or panicking about what to wear, what makeup should they take, blah blah blah. Me? I was daydreaming about the awesome Hawaii boys. I was interrupted by the sound of Julia, Serena's mum's Latina voice shouting. "Girls, the taxi is here!" "Venientum Mama! Coming!" Serena shouted. Her family is Latin, and she only moved down last year. Her accent isn't so thick as her mum's though. We all screamed, grabbed our luggage and rushed down the stairs. We weren't going very fast mind you, with all the luggage and all. We put the luggage down on the pavement for the driver. Abby got in first, then Serena, Vala, Bella, and me. We pulled out onto the main road, and I knew this summer was gonna be awesome!

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