Another World (Another World Trilogy, First Book)

I admit it. I, Serena Beckett, am a super duper die-hard 1D fan! But I'm writing this to tell you about my summer with my friends, Bella Townsend, Gemma Jenkins, Vala Williams and Abby summer that was so bizarre and breathtaking that none of my other friends would believe me. My summer with One Direction.

Copyright by Starla Blaze ©


19. The News

Serena's P.O.V

We said goodnight to Michelle, and then we walked up tot the television. The boys were watching yet another Disney film. Ariel. I went over and switched it off. There were protests. "But Ariel, that was the best bit!" Liam cried. "NO Jimmy protested!" Louis cried. "I raised my hand to silence them. "Let me just cut to the chase. We went to the hospital tonight. We just found out that we are all pregnant." There was silence. I saw Harry and Zayn's eyes widen. I saw Louis, Liam's and Niall's faces light up like a firework show on the sun. "Oh, and Gemma's told that she's having twins." Louis ran up to her, and kissed her avidly. Niall walked up to me, kissed me on the lips, and then dropped down to his knees. His face was level with my stomach. "Hello. I'm your daddy. And who are you?" he murmured. He put his ear up to my belly pretending to listen. I giggled and we shuffled off to the bedroom, because I was exhausted! I took my top off, and stared sideways into the mirror. My god, it had grown already. I could see Niall grinning on the bed. I got undressed carefully. I got changed into my Playboy pj's and snuggled up into bed with Niall. He rested his hand on my stomach. He gasped. "What? What is it?" I said, looking down at my belly. "No sex for 9 months!" I breathed out slowly, chuckling lightly. "What do you think we should call it?" I asked. "Hmm..okay, you choose a boy name and I choose a girl name." he said. I could tell he was actually taking this seriously and thinking hard. I liked the name Brianna, Marianne or Morgana. "Okay, got one!" Niall said, looking at me. "Shoot." "I like the names Adrian, Ben or Elliott." "Okay, I like the names Brianna, Marianne, or Morgana." He thought long and hard. "Okay I like Brianna best." he said, after a long power think. "I like Elliott." "Well then that's settled." He grinned and we drifted off to sleep. I could hear shouting. Uh oh. "Niall, babe." he moaned. I got up and went to see the problem. "Oh, great. Now Serena's up! Serena will you please tell him that it isn't his fault that he got me pregnant, because I WANTED TO!" It was Bella and Harry. They were having a screaming match at the top of their voices. All the others were already up, looking bored and tired. I got in between them. "GUUUUUYYYYSSS!!!!! SHUT THE HELL UP!!! Okay, Harry no way is it your fault, Bella wanted to have sex with you! It doesn't matter! Now, you've woken me up and I am craving a McDonalds, thanks to you lot. Everyone get back to bed right now!" And with that, each of them shuffled back to their own bedrooms. "Aah the last night and we have a screaming match. Wonderful" Niall said and got back into bed.  Niall started playing with my hair as I drifted back to sleep on his chest.

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