Another World (Another World Trilogy, First Book)

I admit it. I, Serena Beckett, am a super duper die-hard 1D fan! But I'm writing this to tell you about my summer with my friends, Bella Townsend, Gemma Jenkins, Vala Williams and Abby summer that was so bizarre and breathtaking that none of my other friends would believe me. My summer with One Direction.

Copyright by Starla Blaze ©


4. Nightmares

"No! Please! Stop! I don't want this!" I cried. His evil dark eyes glinted with pleasure. I shoved him. He fell hard on the alleyway floor. Suddenly the pleasure in his eyes went from pleasure to angry. I realized what I'd done. "Oh my god, I'm so so sorry Jake, you know I would never-" He shoved me hard into the wall. My back seared with excruciating pain. I cried out. He put his hand on my mouth and smirked. I looked down and saw a glint of silver. He had a knife! My eyes filled with panic. He laughed. He held up the knife and stroked it along my cheek. I closed my eyes, waiting for it to end. Suddenly I felt searing pain along my arm, along my leg, everywhere. He was cutting me almost everywhere! Then he looked at me with lust in his and held the knife up to my throat. He pressed the silver metal into my skin. I screamed with pain. I couldn't breath. He slid the knife across my throat. I couldn't breath. I slid down the wall. I heard the knife drop and his footsteps running away. It was over. Then I heard a faraway voice say "Serena? We've landed!" I woke up and squinted my eyes to the dazzling sunlight streaming in through the airplane windows. It was just a nightmare.

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