Another World (Another World Trilogy, First Book)

I admit it. I, Serena Beckett, am a super duper die-hard 1D fan! But I'm writing this to tell you about my summer with my friends, Bella Townsend, Gemma Jenkins, Vala Williams and Abby summer that was so bizarre and breathtaking that none of my other friends would believe me. My summer with One Direction.

Copyright by Starla Blaze ©


17. Last Day Of Summer

Harry's P.O.V

Oh god, how do I bloody do this?! I wanted Bella to move in with me. I was ready for a serious relationship. Maybe I should just walk up to her and ask her, like it wasn't a big deal. Yeah, okay. I walked up to Bella and said "Do you want to move in with me?" She stared up at me in shock. Then a massive smile erupted on her face. "Oh my god Harry! Of course!" She kissed me passionately. I loved her. I really did. "Okay, so...tomorrow, we go and get your stuff? Because you know, today is the last day in Hawaii." She smiled sadly. "Hey, hey! You still get to see everyone!" She sighed happily. "Yeah okay. We'll get my stuff as soon as we've landed." She grinned. This was awesome.

Zayn's P.O.V

Ping! Oh great. Another message from Perrie. She had been sending me these messages all day.

From Perrie: I miss you babe. Pleaaaaase take mee back!!! I lovee youu!!

To Perrie: Perrie. I have a girlfriend who I will love hopefully for the rest of my life. You broke up with me. Leave me alone.

From Perrie: That Vala girl? She's horrible! I'm way prettier. Take me back! Break up with her! 

To Perrie: To me, she is the most beautiful girl in the world. At least she's pretty on the inside too. Unlike you Perrie. Goodbye.

I flung my phone onto the bed, and I got up to get something to eat.

Vala's P.O.V

I woke up sleepily and yawned, stretching my arms out across the bed. Zayn was probably in the kitchen. His phone buzzed on the bed. Well, since he checked my messages I should check his. I unlocked his phone. 

From Perrie: But baby, please don't go! I love you and I want to be with you! <3 x

My blood boiled, but I didn't jump to conclusions. I looked at the whole conversation. I ran out of the room, phone still in my hand. I walked up to Zayn and hugged him tightly. He laughed. "What was that for?!" I let go, my hands still resting on his shoulders. "For sticking up for me." I replied. I showed him the phone. "Vala, you are the only one I want. No one, no girl, can change that. Ever." I kissed him gently and whispered into his ear. "Thank you."

Abby's P.O.V

I didn't know what to do. Okay, so I was acting a little bit weird sexual encounter with Liam. Just in case, I brought a few pregnancy tests with me to Hawaii. So I tried it.

I was pregnant. And it was Liam's. Shit. How was I gonna tell him?! Well, I need to tell someone. I'll tell the girls. They'll know what to do. "GIRLY MEETING IN LIAM'S ROOM!!! AND BRING FOOD I'M STARVING!! PREFERABLY A CRUNCHIE BAR!!" I yelled down the hall. The girl's came at once, with fruit, crisps, and a packet of Crunchie bars. They sat down on the bed. "What's the matter? We only call girly meetings for emergencies." Vala said. "Hang on. Does anyone have any important news before I say something?" I unwrapped a Crunchie bar and bit a huge chunk out of it. Serena and Bella raised their hands triumphantly. "Serena, you go first." I said through a mouthful of Crunchie. "Niall has asked me to move in with him." "And Harry has asked me to move in with him too." We were shocked. We squealed and hugged them tight. Except for me, of course. "We'll visit!" Vala cried. "Anyway, what did you have to say?!" Gemma said through the noise. Suddenly I burst into tears. The girls wrapped their arms around me, pulling me into a tight hug. When they let go, I dropped the bombshell. "I'm pregnant. And it's Liam's." I sobbed.

Serena's P.O.V

She was pregnant. Wait, what?! "Oh my god, that's amazing!" I cried. Suddenly I realized. We had all had sex. With no protection. And I had it twice. "SHIT! We all had sex, without protection!" We all froze. We looked at Abby. She rummaged through her bag and got out pregnancy tests for each of us. We ran into the en suite. One we'd finished we had to wait three minutes. The suspense was killing us. Abby put on a timer. The bell rang and we shakily picked up our pregnancy tests. 

"Oh god." I cried. It was positive. I binned it quickly. I looked at their faces. They were all shocked. I ran into the bedroom and started crying. Abby hugged me and said "'s okay. You have a little Nialler in there!" I shook my head. She looked confused. "Abby, I had sex twice. Jake raped me, without protection." Abby's eyes flashed into anger. The girls came out and smiled shakily. "We all got positive. We are all preggo, ladies." Then they saw my face. "What? Why are you crying?" Bella said. "She doesn't know who's baby she's having, because that monster raped her, with no protection!" Abby whispered, so the boys couldn't hear. I was distraught. No way was I having some little monster inside of me for nine months! Gemma was angrier than the others, you could tell. Because that is exactly what Ben did to her. And she had to have an abortion. "Does Niall know?" Gemma asked. I nodded. "I texted him straight after." The girls looked distraught, especially Vala. "Okay, we are gonna have to go to the doctors, girls. Without the boys." Abby said, motioning to me. We walked out of the room, with the empty food wrappers and put them in the bin, along with the remains of the eaten fruit. The boys were watching Ariel again. "Li, can we borrow the van?" Abby asked. "Yeah, why?" We looked at each other. "Girl's night out tonight. Don't worry, we'll be back soon." "Hey, take care of Ariel. She needs protecting." She smiled and picked up the car keys. We closed the door on the way out.

Gemma's P.O.V

Oh my god. We walked up to Michelle. We needed a mother right now. Serena started crying, and that started all of us off. Michelle looked shocked. "Come into my office, girls." We walked into her office and sat down on the plush red armchairs. "What's wrong? What happened?" she said. "Did the boys do something?" We shook our heads. "We are all pregnant. And Serena's is kind of a problem." I said. "First off, congrats girls!' She smiled. "And what do you mean, about Serena?" she said. Serena sobbed and then replied shakily. "Jake raped me without protection. So I don't know who's baby I'm having!" Michelle stood up and went to comfort her. We all crowded around each other, giving everyone hugs. "Can you come to the hospital with us, Michelle?" I pleaded. "Sure, I'll just ask someone to cover for me." We all walked out of the office. "Carol, cover for me please." she asked a woman at the desk. She gave a thumbs up and nodded. We all clambered into the van. Michelle drove to the hospital.


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