Another World (Another World Trilogy, First Book)

I admit it. I, Serena Beckett, am a super duper die-hard 1D fan! But I'm writing this to tell you about my summer with my friends, Bella Townsend, Gemma Jenkins, Vala Williams and Abby summer that was so bizarre and breathtaking that none of my other friends would believe me. My summer with One Direction.

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21. Author's Note

Hey my Unicorns! Wow, long time no see, huh? Well, I have some news for you all....THE SEQUEL IS UP!! Yes, I know! It's called Torn, so please go and read, read, read!! Much obliged. You can also find me on Wattpad, as StarlaBlaze, where I have also posted Another World.

Keep reading Unicorns! Starla x

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