Xylon's Moon

Alien's are invading Xylon and its moon is becoming faulty and endangered. Meela is sent on a mission of a lifetime with her teammates with one thing in focus; get information about the shiny white men. Things don't go all according to plan and Meela ends up in a sticky situation, with no one to help and no one to hear her scream.

My entry for the 'Other Worlds' competition. Written straight from my imagination, no planning. Could also be classed as Sci-Fi.


1. Proceeding into Enemy Surroundings

I stagger past the neon green walls of the giant air tank, my gun pointing skywards, ready for a surprise attack.

Gurya is behind me, staggering slightly under the weight of her bag of explosives. She's meant to be covering me, but seems to be slacking off in awe of the size of the tank. 

I peer around the corner of the thing, making sure the aliens haven't clocked on to our entrance. 

I click my antenna once, then twice. That's the all clear signal, meaning Tsuda and Xyla can follow our path. They catch up to us within seconds and we pause, using hand signals and eye contact to prepare the next part of the plan.

The tank beside us is filled with 82% oxygen and almost 20% CO2. I can feel the unfamiliar gases inside me, although I haven't even breathed them in yet. They're twisting around my lungs, swirling in my stomach and squeezing my heart so hard I feel like screaming. 

The pressure of the gases isn't all to blame for my anxiety, though. If this mission is successful, we'll know our enemies twice as better as we know them now. This thought sends chills down my spine; wow, to be part of such an advancement in the knowledge of another entirely new species.

Xyla shakes her head as I step forward, signalling that we should proceed left.

As mission leader, I need to consider the pros and cons of going left, around the perimeter of the tank. Pros? Well, for one, we'd be hidden from enemy eyes and still be inside the tank's shields which would protect us from explosives. Cons outweigh the pros though, because there's life inside the tank that's unrecognisable, probably the aliens drinking from the fountain of oxygen. If they used some sort of radar to scan the outside area, they'd find us and could use the element of surprise to gain an advantage. Not only that, heading left would be walking straight past the front door to the tank and right into their hands. Rule one: Never give the enemy the advantage of being in their territory.

I shake my head firmly and continue forward, into no-mans land. I can feel Gurya's presence behind me, shaking. She's scared, and that's not good, especially on this mission that could at any moment turn into a kill or be killed scenario.

I rub my hands together subtly, sending out a calming hormone, a skill I inherited from my mother and the Foon'd side of my family. I have special hairs on four of my six fingers and when they heat up (in this case, via kinetic energy), they calm everyone in a four metre radius from myself. I feel Gurya relax a little and I pull my hands apart.

We trek silently across the open land of red, upturned dirt, towards their big ships, lit up with UV and other unknown light sources. The closest one is dark, a sign that its occupants are the ones I could feel in the tank. We reach it as fast as we can, pressing up against the cold metal outer layer. There's a plaque underneath a slit of glass - probably their form of a window - that reads:

"In Memory of Joe Giggs  -

Beloved husband, father

and friend.

2000 - 2059"

I frown. It's 6023 here, so this spacecraft must be thousands of years old; how inefficient of the aliens.

I continue forward, only stopping to scold Gurya with my eyes as she strokes the plaque gently. Who knows what outer-worldly germs lie upon the metal.

There's an entrance with a keypad next to it. Only 10 numbers and 2 unknown signs. I turn to Tsuda; he knows what to do here.

He steps forward and I move away, letting him tap cautiously onto the keypad. We wait as he works, eyeing the surroundings and checking the tank out. It really is bigger than any kind of container we've ever seen and there's an air of mystery about it that makes it intriguing. 

There's a bleep and a click from behind me, and I know Tsuda's finished his work. We all turn and cautiously wait as the large metal door slides open - it's a little noisier than we were hoping for, but as it opens as wide as it can, we get in quickly and without interruption.

As soon as Xyla steps down on the floor behind us, the door begins to shut, quicker than before, and although we dive to get out, none of us escape, leaving us in a pitch black room only about 4 feet long. 

Tsuda, master of all technology, has brought a neon bar that lights up. The newest invention, he told us as we departed from base.

It glows from green to blue to orange, lighting up the room. There's another keypad on the wall, with two buttons; both in alien language. The reason we could read the plaque was because outside, the military had beamed a universal translator towards the ships, so we could read anything we needed to. Now inside, we're stuck.

I frown, trying to decipher the letters. No such luck. 

Gurya is shivering again. Tsuda's also panicking, frowning as he tries to analyse the buttons. One is green and the other is red.

All of a sudden, there's a clink from outside. Tsuda swiftly turns the neon bar off and I hug Gurya close to me. Xyla sinks back into the shadows of what little room we have, and we follow her.

I clamp my hand over Gurya's mouth as the door begins to open. I can feel her tears on my skin, wetting her scales. I try to sooth her, but can't remove my hands to release the calming hormone or she'll scream in fear.

It's not her fault, it's because she's from the west.

The aliens have opened the door and are chatting in an indistinguishable language. One is bouncing up and down and the other is trying to hold him down. Their shiny white skin and silvery faces intimidate me to a level where I'm frozen with fear. 

They step forward, moving into our room, almost brushing our bodies... Thank God the moon's been turned off tonight or it wouldn't be dark enough to conceal  us.

The door shuts behind them, cutting off the light source from the glowing tank. Gurya's shaking so badly that it's making my arm shake too. I use my antenna to stroke her face, trying to get her to calm down.

The alien who was bouncing almost touches me as he reaches for the keypad, then presses the green button.

Slowly, oxygen fills the air and Gurya's breathing becomes laboured. Xyla seems to be leaning on her for support.

I can tolerate this much because I'm from the North, where oxygen pollution is worst. My lungs tug forward and my own breathing becomes shallow; they're removing all the hydrogen and nitrogen. Oh no.

I hear a thud and know Xyla's collapsed, and the heavy weight under my arm proves Gurya to be unconscious too.

The aliens have heard the sound and I can sense them moving. One of them leans over and pressed the red button.

Light erupts from the ceiling. It's too much and my eyes sting from the intensity. The aliens are panicking.

I turn to my right and can see Tsuda struggling against the oxygen, barely conscious. My eyes hurt and my brain's foggy.

The aliens advance towards me, and the last thing I see before I black out is one of them shedding their outer layer of skin.

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