Hannah needs help, her sister is missing can anyone save her but what happens if Kate doesn't want to be saved?


2. Voodoo

             It all started when this weird lady came to town. She had these weird little voodoo dolls, and talked in a weirdly mysterious voice. I don't know much about voodoo, was this lady supposed to be so freaky?! I noticed Kate would vist her. A lot. Like, everyday, she would go talk to the creepy lady.

             "I'm going out." Kate said in the dull tone she'd been using lately. 

             "Where?" I countered.

              "Miss. Valen's. Goodbye." And she walked out on me.

              What!? My sister, walking out on me?! She'd never done that before. So I followed her. And of course, she ended at the voodoo lady.

               "Your back." Said the misty voice, the voodoo lady.

                "Yes." Kate looked like she was in a trance. It scared me. I moved and something fell.

                "Who's there?" Said the voodoo lady. Then she pulled me out of my hiding spot by my hair.

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