Hannah needs help, her sister is missing can anyone save her but what happens if Kate doesn't want to be saved?


1. The Begining the perfect place to start.

I'm Hannah I live at 45 Begining Drive that's where it started for me. My sister Kate and I used to jump the fence and go throught the woods that were out our back garden there we would make up stories and play pretend games that was when we were younger I'm 16 now and Kate's turning 15 in August. My mums name is Karen she's a Hairdresser at the little hairdressers across the street "Johnys" He's the owner he very rarely talks to the customers. So it's very awkward when I have to go there after school on Wednesday and Friday you'd have thought I would be allowed a key to the house after all I am 16. Kate feels the same but at least we have each other. Sadly though she has been seeing this guy Jacob if you asked me I'd say she only likes him because of that twilight book/movie I've never even seen him before I don't think she has either they started talking on that site Omegle they gave each other there email and phone number they're always talking. I usually either read a book or help out in the shop.

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