Fingerprints of the past

This is all of the other poems that I make. I have a lot of old ones, and as I make more, I will put them in here in chapters. (:


3. What if

Whatif everything goes wrong?

Whatif I never hear my very own song?

Whatif I finally break down?

Whatif the tears starts to run?

Whatif I can't go on?

Whatif I need to hide away?

Whatif the blue sky turns grey?

Whatif I use my last bit of mind?

Whatif I suddenly go blind?

Whatif I finally fall over the edge?

Whatif I can't see the beautifull things?

Whatif God starts pulling the strings?

Whatif the Dark surrounds me tonight?

Whatif nothing goes right?

Whatif everything falls to the earth?

Whatif everything suddenly goes smooth?

Whatif I can't follow the lead?

Whatif there's more things to meet?

Whatif you hold your hands over my ears?

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