Fingerprints of the past

This is all of the other poems that I make. I have a lot of old ones, and as I make more, I will put them in here in chapters. (:


13. Kill me first

Make this stop

This madness of people and words

This crazy, evil world will take my life

It will be the death of me.

So please kill me first,

let me die on my own premises, nor theirs.


Make this end

I cannot take any more of it

All the blood and tears and cries

It takes my hope away.

Killing me slowly

I treasure no longer what is left behind.


Make this stop

Once again the tears are running

Why must loving and living be so hard?

I feel it slip from my fingertips

Killing by leaving

Why does this always seem to be my friend?


Make this end

I feel so broken inside by now

The cruelty has finally gotten to this fragile heart

I feel so alone, left behind

Kill me now

Before I will run forever.

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