Fingerprints of the past

This is all of the other poems that I make. I have a lot of old ones, and as I make more, I will put them in here in chapters. (:


12. A story

I wanna tell you a story

A story you might not believe

About a life that never was

like people wanted it to be.


It moved across the world

Twisting, turning, tumbling, tearing

It was a life that never wavered

despite all the troubles it saw.


The spirit, the soul of the life

A happy little thing with wings

Wings that would embrace

what could not handle itself


The wings was a bloody red

But as time went on, it changed to blue

A blue that bound the bubbles

of watery tears of cry


The smile that never wavered

Comforted all the ones who cried

It was it's own duty to

never show a tear.


So now you might wonder why

This story was for you to know

And I will tell you now

It was your angel too.

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