Sophie DeChazal just finished three years of university life. However, she returns home with a debt of nearly £10,000 and no degree in hand. As her once close-knit family adjusts to the news and tries to understand what happens, Sophie attempts to justify her behaviour. The story takes us through those three years of self-discovery and self-mutilation.
How did a responsible straight-A student with great hopes for the future turn into a savage party animal, devoid of principles or morals?


5. Goodbye Mauritius, Hello London

"Ladies and gentlemen, we will be landing shortly. Please return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts."

I crinkled my eyes open and carefully peeked out of the window. Instantly, my sleepiness disappeared and excitement, at the prospect of finally reaching the promised land, rose within me. I could barely stay still in my seat, had my father not been sitting next to me, I would have most probably been jumping up and down in my seat. I eagerly drifted into a daydream of the bliss of what the future had in store for me when I felt my dad's penetrating look upon me. "What are you thinking of?", he asked is a halted voiced, partly out of the dryness of his throat, due to the long flight, and partly due to the awkwardness he felt upon inquisition of the going-ons of his daughter's mind. "Nothing," I quickly replied as I hastily withdrew any hint of emotion from my face. My efforts still allowed for a soft, peaceful smile to rest upon my lips. George caught that and felt relieved. He smiled back at me, both understanding each other, both feeling as excited as each other of their reason for coming to London. 


To George, there were few greater moments in life than the pride of seeing your child follow in your footsteps. Sophie had always been the one with the most similar interests to his, her character and vision seemed to follow the same path as his as well. He knew she was a hard book to read but she was his daughter and he had full faith in her potential. Uptil now, he had never had any complaints against her. Nora was the obstinate and strong-willed one and Jason was the one to always put his foot in his mouth as the worst times, but Sophie was the hard worker, the serious one. This would be her time to shine, university would open her up to a greater world and hopefully urge her to open up and be more self-satisfied as well. She was the one for whom he had a soft spot, he couldn't deny that, and as much as Hannah worried about her, he had always believed in her.  But even George couldn't shake away the nagging feeling that Sophie was not a happy child. She never complained, she had a large number of friends and she was always smiling, but there was a pressing frown instilled in her face. Her first wrinkle, an imprint of discontent, that brought a certain falseness, even to her brightest grin. He hated the fact that she had inherited his unwillingness to share her worries or pains, with age, such stubbornness would not bring forth strength of character but bitterness and anger. He, at least, had Hannah to talk to, but she had never been one too keen on forming intimate relationships, a choice he had gained much relief but worry as well from. Nora had already had a couple of boyfriends, one of them had been quite a serious relationship as well. Jason had just started dating the girl he had harboured a crush on for ages. Sophie had never spoken of anyone with longing or desire. Even her closest of friends, she kept at arm's length. As he hailed down a cab to make their way to Sophie's student hall, George let out a long, worried sigh. "Just don't let her try too hard, God, please just let her be happy", he silently prayed as they made their way up the stairs of the International Student Hall in Russel Square, towards its reception. 




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