Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


55. You could be happy...


No one's P.O.V:

The water was running down over her naked body, warming up every little muscle. She had hoped to feel a little more relaxed, but whole her body was tense. She felt cold, even though the water was burning against her skin. It was like she had fever. Her hands were working the shampoo into her hair, and the sound of music from the speakers where she had plugged her phone in, was filling her ears. The glass door was not clear, and she had drawn small figures in the dew. 


His hands were grabbing into a sling of his hair. That day he hadn't been in the mood for styling it. So the black slings hang down around his face. He had to cut the sides again soon. Actually he had planned on doing it that day, but he was not even in the mood for leaving the flat. In front of him stood another shot of whiskey. The only time his eyes left the coffee table, where the bottle of Jack Daniel's stood, was when they turned to look at the hall, where the door still was closed. It was closed, but not locked. He didn't dare to lock it, cause the thought of her come sweeping in, was playing on repeat in his mind, along with million other thoughts and questions. If his friends had walked in at that moment, they would've been shocked to see him like that, but he was not going to stand up and play strong. He felt weak, and was not going to pretend not to be. She was probably not even thinking about him, she probably never loved him. Why had he even told her the truth? He should've know. At that moment he didn't want to go back to the nights were she was there, in his flat, no. He wanted to go back to the summer 2012. Where she had loved him. Where she had been so crazy about him, that she always told him how she never wanted to be without him. It was crazy how much six years could change everything. He reached out for the filled shot glass, and brought it up to his lips. His head was already spinning, so when the strong liquid ran down his throat, it didn't burn at all. It felt like water, to the already drunk guy.


Every time a string of regret, or sadness came creeping back into her mind, she pushed it away, with all the power she had. She was not going to cry about something that she had messed up. She was not going to beg James to come back, but only cause he deserved better than her. Actually most people did. How anyone ever could've loved her seemed insane now that she thought about it. They would probably all discover what James discovered, how wrong she did the people she loved. It would be the last time she would let someone go through so much pain because of her. 


He hoped that she was happy. Even though it killed him to imagine her with James, he hoped that she would get her happy ending with James. Cause James could at least make her happy. 
He threw his head back, and sank deeper down on the couch. She used to say; everything happens for a reason, but he didn't see any reason for what had happened. He was not believing that he ever was going to get over her. Maybe he was going to stay inside forever, drinking whiskey, smoking cigarettes and listening to sad songs - just to remind himself of what he had lost. Usually he would've believed that she would come back, but this time it seemed impossible. She was probably wrapped up in James arms, while he sat in his flat broken into pieces. His ribcage felt torn, and soon his head started pounding slightly. Maybe another shot would drown a bit of the pain, so once again he filled the glass, brought it to his lips, and swallowed the liquid. 


She stepped out of the shower, and wrapped a white soft towel around her naked body. Her hair was dripping with water. She glanced at her clothes lying on the bathroom floor, but stepped over them, and walked across the huge room, over to the sink and the mirror. She used one hand to wipe some of the dew away from the mirror, but fast regretted it. Her stomach turned in anger when she saw her own reflection. She didn't have horns on top of her head. Her eyes were not shining with pure evil. No not at all. She looked more like an angel, than the devil. She leaned her head a bit to the side, and tried to force a smile, but it didn't look close to real. Just by staring into the deep brown eyes of hers, she started to realize what a monster she was, and how much she had come to hate herself, and the things she did. But one thing was sure, she was not gonna show any of the pain that she had left herself with. She was gonna try to stand tall and strong. 


He shut his eyes, and took a deep breath, before the alcohol knocked him out. 

There he lay, on the couch, sleeping. While she stood in the same town, thinking of him. Hoping that he was fine. 


You could be happy, I won't know, but I hope you are. 

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