Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


31. You can love them both

Emily's P.O.V:

"Want anything?" I asked, and reached out for the teabags. "No thanks, I'm fine." Zayn answered me, and closed the two last buttons in his shirt. 

I ran my eyes over his face, and sighed a bit. "Do you really have to go?" I asked. 

Zayn looked up at me, "I guess so," 

I knew that it was because of me he was leaving. Not that he didn't wanna spend time with me, but he seemed quite upset, and I wouldn't stop him from walking out my front door. Even though I would hate to see his car drive out my driveway.. 

He pulled his bag up from the floor, and swung it over his shoulder. Our eyes met, and for a moment everything stood still. None of us moved, and only our breaths were making noise. He was the one breaking the eye contact, by looking down at his feet, and mumbling something that I was unable to hear. I took the few steps between us, until I stood close to him. 

He turned to look at me.  

"When am I going to see you again?" I whispered. 

"Whenever you want," He answered. 

I just nod. 

We stood in silence again for some long seconds, until I - out of my control - pulled up on my tiptoes, and planted a kiss on his lips. A first he seemed surprised, cause he just looked down at me like some idiot, but then his eyes lighted up. Even though he didn't smile. 

"Well... That was nice," He mumbled, and bend down to kiss me. And he did. Our lips touched once again, and I kissed him back. Slowly. 

"And that wasn't bad either," I giggled, when he had pulled away. I was able to see a little smile in the corner of his lips. 

"If you ever want to come and visit, feel free," He told me, and that was one of the last things he said, before I watched him through the kitchen window, as he drove out of the driveway, and was gone. 


"You're not over him," Clara's voice sounded, which made me gasp, and spin around. 

She stood in the doorway, with her arms crossed across her chest.

We just stared at each other for a little while, until I said; "Yes I am."

"Don't lie to me... I can see it in your eyes."

"I am not in love with him!" I protested. 

She just shrugged her shoulders, "Very well, but you still enjoy every second that you spend with him,"

"Don't you usually do that when it comes to friends?"

"Don't be silly. You hate to watch him leave, afraid that you won't get to see him again..." Clara looked right into my eyes. I felt exposed. 

"I love James," I said, in a convinced tone.

She nod, "I know... But you love Zayn as well,"

I kept quiet, not sure how to response... I wasn't even sure about it myself. I wasn't even sure if I loved Zayn.

"And you can love them both, but you can't have them both," Clara kept on talking. 







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