Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


5. Words spoken

No one's P.O.V:


Emily glanced at Zayn, often. Every time she thought that his eyes were turned to the road. There was something dragging about being in the same car as him, something that made every beat of her heart, faster. She spent most of the time in the car, watching him, down to every detail. Her eyes ran from his hazel eyes, that were turned to the road, down his nose, his straight nose, to his lips, his perfect formed lips, and then to his jaw. She imagined herself holding her hands, on both sides of his head. Feeling the stubbs of his unshaved cheeks. But when things got out of control in her mind, she fast shook her head, and got rid of the thoughts. His eyes let go of the road, for a second, and caught her staring intensely at him. A little laugher spread in his chest. Emily, that hadn't noticed, turned to look out of the window, when he started driving slower, and stopped half up on the sidewalk. 

"And here we are," Zayn made a dramatic move with his hand, out of the window. A cute little restaurant, one of those you would find yourself on, on a first date. This is risky. Emily thought to herself, when jumping out of the car. 

Inside they got placed at a table for two, in the corner of the restaurant, a candle was burning, and two empty wine glasses stood on each side of the table, beside the plates. 

She was excited to be with him again, after all these years, but still she felt the biggest urge to run away, in fear of getting drawn back into his arms. James Dylan Smith, she saw her fiancés face in her mind, and her heart started beating slower, while her body starting heating more up. She felt like wanting a little help to get through the night, but it wouldn't exactly be great, if she got shitfaced, at their first meeting - again. And who knew what she would end up doing?


"So, why are you here?" Zayn asked, in the middle of the meal. Emily had madly hoped that he wouldn't ask again, but he did, and it was no surprise.

"Umm... well, after my grandma died, I-" 

"I'm sorry," 

"It's okay. But after she died, I decided to take her house." 


"And?" She looked confused at him.

"You know, and what happened then?" He laughed.

"Oh, well.. I moved in. The house is in Pewsey, Marlborough, or whatever you call it, just one and a half hour away," He nod thoughtful. Emily turned to gaze down in her food, in front of her, while letting her fork push the potatoes a little around.

"Is anything wrong?" Zayn asked, and bend a bit over the table, not much, but enough for Emily to notice. She looked up, and got surprised to meet his eyes. The reflection of the candle was showing in his black pupillary. She just shook her head, while putting a smile onto the small lips of hers. "No, but hey.. there's something I've got to tell you," She tried, I mean really tried to keep her smile on. But she was terrified, terrified of his reaction, and of losing him again. But why? He wasn't even hers. He is probably in a relationship, she thought to herself. And a part of her felt relief, but another part got jealous.

"Yeah?" He raised one of his eyebrows, and his lips formed into a cheeky smile. Oh, so handsome he was.

"I'm engaged..."    

Zayn almost spit the wine, he just had filled his mouth with, out.

But fast placed a hand over his mouth, to cover it. Emily's teeth dug into her lower lip, and at that moment, she regret telling him. Zayn fast swallowed the wine, and winked fast a few times.

"Woah, I mean... shit," He sounded surprised, and his eyes were wide open.

"Holy shit, Emily!" He mumbled, and placed the wine glass on the table. It irritated Emily that he was that surprised. He should've been happy for her, and said congratulations, instead of almost spitting his wine out all over the table. "Holy shit, what?" She murmured angrily, while putting her fork down. "I mean... Emily, it's you... I know that you're romantic, and all of that, but... when I knew you - which wasn't for more than six years ago - you would never plan on getting married in.. how old are you now? 22?-" 

I nod.

"Okay, 22.. you would never plan on getting married in an age of 22, I mean... I'm just surprised. Sorry," He shrugged his shoulders, and smiled slightly. But he didn't feel that happy. Not at all. 

Emily couldn't find the words to say, even though the wheels were turning inside of her head, while she was searching hard for something to say. Zayn's words had left her speechless. She tried to brush them off, but they hang over her head, like cloud.


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