Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


15. We're not in love

"So.. yeah, this is my bedroom," I mumbled, while holding the door wide open for her, to step inside.

And she did. A little and hesitating step, and then another one, and one that followed the step before. She looked around, eyes searching around in the room, down to every detail. While she was turning and walking around in the room, I watched her from the door, with a little smile planted on my lips. 

"Woah... it is... different," Was all she managed to say. 

"I know," I answered. 

"But I like it..." She ran her right hand over the duvet on my bed, and pressed her hand a bit down. "Softer than your last bed,".

I just nod. 

This small talk was not really my thing. But somehow I didn't really try to change the subject, simply cause I didn't wanna mess anything up with her. All of sudden she turned to look up at me, and straight into my eyes. A smile was spreading across her lips. "I guess the ladies love it," She laughed, and sank down on the bed, that rocked a little up and down. 

"Oh, you can only imagine!" I laughed, and walked into the room as well, to place myself beside her on the bed. "I'd rather not," She laughed. 

I just pushed her in a friendly way, which made her smile even bigger. The atmosphere turned silent again. Only our breaths made a sound loud enough for us to hear. 

"It's nice to be seeing you again," She whispered.

It didn't hit me that she was drunk. Neither did it hit me, that so was I.



We talked. 

We laughed.

Nothing happened. She took her distance to me. It was clear to me that she was happy with... James. She didn't need me in the same way as she used to.

But still she told me to come and visit some time next week, and I sure planned on coming. 


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