Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


30. Wanna replace him

"Zayn," I half hissed and half moaned in a low voice. 

"Mmhm, love?" He mumbled, and started kissing down my stomach. My head was thrown back into the pillow, my eyes were shut, and my hands were reaching for his face. I stroke his hair. 

"Clara's in the other room," I moaned again, and could feel him smile against my skin. "Do you care?" He asked, and lifted his head, to look me in the eyes. I hissed under my breath, when his lips no longer were touching my skin. 

He placed one leg over me, until his body was standing over mine, in a dog position, with his face terrible close to my face. "Just tell me if you don't want this..." He whispered, and his hot breath on my face, made me shiver. 

I didn't answer. 

Which leaded to him rolling away from me, falling hard down by my side, and sighing loudly. 

"I should've known," He muttered. 

I turned my head, and looked at him, "I do want this..." I said, in such a low voice that I doubted the fact that he even heard it. 

He just shook his head, and said; "No, of course you don't." 


Zayn's P.O.V:

I don't know why I all of sudden felt such a big embarrassment, but I did.

I felt stupid for even trying. For even planting my lips on her skin, in the first place.

Why had I even shown up the day before? I should've stayed away.

Don't tell me to calm down... I knew that I was overreacting, but that was really how I felt. Like wanting to escape down a big black never ending hole. 

"Of course I do... But Clara is next door," She reached her fingers out for me, and caressed my chest slowly.  

"You're engaged, Emily. I never should've laid my eyes on you," 

She laughed a little, "Well, you did that the first time when you were 19, so that's too late to change,".

I couldn't help but smile. 

"What about that we finish this some other time?" Emily suggested, and my heart shank a bit. I was so convinced that she just said that, to make me forget, and then we would never make love again, not like we used to . 

Oh god. Just the thought of never having her to myself again, killed me. 

I watched her, as she sat up, and covered her breasts with the duvet. "I'm going to the bathroom. If Clara asks, I was never here," She said, and smiled innocently at me. Then she easily jumped out of the bed, turned around, picked the sweatshirt up, and pulled it over her head. 

I swallowed hard as I watched her leave the room. There I was lying. Alone in a bed made for two, in my ex's house, that she shared with her new boy, or man.  


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