Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


75. Untitled


Listen to: Untitled - Simple Plan


No one's P.O.V:


She ran as fast as she possibly could, pushed the people that blocked her way, away, in a desperate try to get to him. It was like everything happened in slowmotion, every step she took. A crowd of people were gathered, women and men. Her heart was pounding in her chest, harder than ever before. She was scared to death. One step, followed by another leaded her closer to the flashing red and blue lights, and closer to the voices of ambulance people, and police men. In between the sound of that, the sound of people's cries was being heard as well. Not many of them knew who it was that at that moment sat in the crushed car, but they cried, simply because of the accident. They didn't care if it was an old man, or a young boy. Each life was precious. 

But as she rushed through the crowd, she was aware of who it was, and she was terrified. She got closer to the place, the place where the accident had been taking place. She found herself in the front row, where she stopped, where even her heart stopped for a second. She had seen scenes like that in movies before, but had never experienced them. But there she stood, frozen. Looking at the people that tried to get her boyfriend out of the crushed car. She saw how the ambulance people got ready, with a stretcher, and how the police lighted red lights up, in a way of telling people to stay behind the yellow bonds that they had put up. The sound of the ambulance and police people that shouted important things to each other, faded in as background music. She was frozen in the moment, and all that she could think of was him. Seconds passed where she was unable to do anything, but when she ripped herself out of the condition she was in, she bend down, and crawled under the yellow bond, that kept her away from him. 

"HEY YOU! Stop! You can't be here!" A policeman shouted, but it didn't stop her. She ran towards the car, but didn't make it before another policeman grabbed her waist tightly, and held her back. "NO!" She screamed, and tried to fight back. Her heart starting to race even faster in her chest. The policeman tightened the grip, and ignored it when she kicked and hit him. "You have to calm down!" He ordered. 

People were staring, and grabbed onto each others hands tightly. The rain hit the ground hard, and the night was cold. 

"But it's my boyfriend!" The girl screamed, and stopped fighting against the policeman, that let go of her. She sank to the ground, and hopelessly wrapped her arms around her legs, while she started crying. Crying so much that she was shaking, so hard that she barely could breathe. The man kneeled down by her side. 

The ambulance people had finally broken into the car, and was now trying to get him out, being as careful as possible. They held his head up, and four men slowly placed him on the stretcher. Another four people carried the stretcher into the ambulance. "Get the defibrillator!" A doctor that had been waiting in the ambulance ordered. A blonde woman grabbed the defibrillator from the wall, where it hang. Another doctor opened up the young man's eye, and lighted into his hazel coloured eye with a pen-formed lamp. The pupil moved when it met the light. "Stop! He's still alive!" The doctor with the lamp said and the blonde female removed the defibrillator from the victims chest. 

From Zayn's chest. 

"Get to the hospital, now!" The first male doctor shouted, while he placed a mask over Zayn's mouth and nose, to keep him alive, if it was possible. The female doctor kept the defibrillator, cause she doubted that he would make it all the way to the hospital. 

Two policemen were about to close the ambulance doors, when the girl that sat on the ground, fast stood up, to get a sight of her boyfriend. All she saw was the mask, and the doctor with the defibrillator, and that's when she knew... 

It was over.    

A woman in the crowd started crying, as she hugged her husband tightly. He kissed her hair, while tears streamed down his face. When one light fades, another light burns. 

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