Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


83. Truly, madly, deeply


The following morning, was beautiful. We woke up by the sun shining through the windows, lighting Zayn's room up, and leaving sun stripes over the sheets. We were tangled in between each other, legs intwined and body's pressed close. We lay there for what seemed like an hour, just listening to each other breathe, and stealing small kisses. I found myself feeling extremely lucky. Not knowing what for. Maybe just for being with another human in this way. It was something that I knew not everyone experienced. Not everyone knew how it felt to be madly in love. 

His hand ran up and down my arm, caressing every inch of my skin. His touch seemed to burn, not only on the spot he touched, but on all my body. Inside of me. 


After we had cuddled up in the bed, I finally managed to break the urge of staying in there with him, and - against my will - I crawled out of bed. He watched me as I walked around the room to find something to cover my naked upper half of my body. My tank top from yesterday was lying on the floor, but all of sudden it seemed really uncomfortable, and I didn't want to put it on.  

"Do you wanna borrow one of my t-shirts?" Zayn asked, after watching me getting slightly frustrated about not finding anything I could wear. I had a drawer with my clothes at his place. One day it just came naturally for me to have some of my things here, since I almost lived here more than I lived at my place. The drawer had soon become mine. 

The morning got even more beautiful, cause after we had cuddled up for an hour, we walked - while he had his arm around my waist, holding me close to me - into the kitchen. 


"I'm really craving pancakes right now," Zayn groaned, as he opened up the cupboard door, searching for something eatable. "I'm too lazy to make pancakes," I mumbled, as I lifted myself up on the kitchen counter, so that my legs were hanging over the edge, and my back leaning against the wall. 

He glanced at me with raised eyebrows, "You are the woman here, how can you possibly be too lazy to make food?"  

I rolled my eyes, "Not every woman is all crazy about cooking every hour of the day," 

"Hmm," Was his only response. He turned to search through the cupboard again, but I could tell that he wasn't finding anything that he wanted. He kept on staring into the cupboard for many seconds, until he - with a sigh - closed the framed glass door, and turned to look at me. "Are you too lazy to go crawl back into bed?" He asked, and lighted up in a little smile. 

"Never - but... What about that we get something to eat instead, and maybeee..." I held a pause, "Take a shower?"

"Together?" His eyes lighted up, and he turned whole his body to me. He leaned his head slightly to the left side, and studied me. I shrugged my shoulders, "Why not?"

"And I thought that you were all about 'no sex for a mo-"

"Showering isn't sex, Zayn!" I giggled, and spread my legs, in a way of showing him that I wanted him to step in between them. He placed his hands on my naked thighs, and slowly moved them further up, until he sneaked them around my waist, and pulled himself in between my legs. "No, but if you want it to, it can lead to it..." He smirked, and moved his face closer to mine. I giggled again, trying to find a way to turn him down, but I didn't get to say anything before he gently pressed his lips against mine. I hadn't expected it - though it had been obvious. My lips broke into a smile, but he didn't break the kiss. Instead he just moved his hands further down my back, and lifted me up from the kitchen counter. I locked my legs around his waist, and let him carry me. He had his hands under my bum, and my arms were thrown around his neck. 

"You weight way too little," He whispered, and slowly broke the kiss. Our lips were still touching slightly, but both of our eyes fluttered open. "I've lost weight," I smiled, and kissed the tip of his nose quickly, before I moved my face a few inches away from his. He wrinkled his forehead, "Not on purpose, I suppose?" 

I chuckled a little, and pressed my forehead to his. "You're so handsome when you're worried," I whispered, and slowly pressed my lips to his. He kissed me back for a short second, but then he broke the kiss. I sighed when I realised that his facial expression hadn't changed. "No, Zayn. I am not starving myself..." I muttered, and moved my lips to his temple. 

"Great, let's go shower!" He finally lighted up again, and started walking backwards, still carrying me. "Be careful!" I laughed as he bumped into the frame of the door on his way into the the dining room, followed by the hall. 



Zayn's P.O.V:


I ran my fingertips over the skin on her chest, up to her collarbones. I felt the heat of the water, mixing with the heat of her skin. My fingertips carefully followed the bones structure, up to the the neck, where her pulse was hardly able to be felt. She had her eyes closed, and her head laid a slight bit back. The water washed down her hair, making the dark brown color seem black. Her beauty was breathtaking. The way her jawline was formed, and the way her eyelashes left shadows on her cheeks. The way she tried to relax, but couldn't help but have a little wrinkle between her eyebrows. The way she was breathing. The way she was letting her tongue slip out between her lips, to moisten them. 

I studied every little detail on her. From the curves of her body, to the bone structure of her face. My thoughts were circling about something that I didn't understand, and some feelings that seemed hard to understand as well. When I looked at her I felt such a big craving for being with her, being near her, touching every inch of her skin, every second of the day. I somehow felt as if she was the only one that kept me sane, though the thought had crossed me, that maybe if I'd never met her, I wouldn't be as emotionally unstable as I was when I was with her. But then I thought that it maybe was one of the things that love did. - Made you completely utterly crazy. 

But then again there was this little fear in the darkest corner of my mind. A fear that in ten years, she'd be long gone. A fear that maybe everything I felt, and everything I believed we had, wasn't half as real as my foolish heart made it seem like. After all she was a golden star, one of the few ones. That's what I believed. That's how I saw her. I knew how the world saw her, and even sometimes how my friends saw her. The boys had loved her since day one, but where doubtful when I started talking about forever. But I pushed that fear away every time it threatened to creep into the parts of my mind, where she had made flowers grow. 

Maybe again, all of that was just how love was supposed to feel. 

Like it drove me insane, and yet kept me sane. 

I wasn't sure how to explain how I felt for her, but it was without doubt love. 


Wish I could freeze this moment in a frame and stay like this.

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