Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


29. Touch

Zayn's P.O.V:


I woke up by the sun shining through the huge window, and lighting up whole the room. I looked beside me, and Emily was lying there. With eyes closed, and slightly separated lips. 

The light gave her hair a beautiful color, and lighted her face up. She looked beautiful. 

I realised that she had rolled away from me while we were sleeping, cause her head was no longer on my chest. It was lying on the pillow next to mine. Her fist was holding the corner of my pillow tightly. My eyes wandered over her face, from the shadows her eyelashes made on her cheeks, and the sling of hair that fell on her face. My eyes wandered down to her neck, which looked terribly empty... No hickeys or bruises, like when we had been together. Good times. 

Then down to her collarbones, and down to her visible breasts. My eyes stayed there for a while, until they wandered further down, to her hips, and hipbones. I could tell that she had lost some of her teenage fat, cause she was slimmer now.

While watching her, I could feel my body aching on the inside. I craved to touch her skin, to kiss her lips, and to wake up with her by my side, every morning. Every fibre in my body was screaming, and I finally gave under, and reached my fingers out for her. First I slightly caressed her cheek, while leaning my head a little to the side. Then I moved them to her hipbones, where one of my fingers made small circles. It was like my body was burning, every inch of it, and specially where I touched her. 

I took a deep breath, and let my thumb caress her hip bone, while I grabbed her hip, not hard. Not hard enough to wake her up. 

Now the question was if I dared to kiss her? I didn't know. I missed kissing her, but I was terrified of what she would say. If she would get mad, or smile that beautiful smile of hers. 

A low moan escaped her lips, and 0.5 seconds I had pulled my hand away, while pretending to be asleep, with half closed eyes. But when she didn't do any more, I believed that she still was sleeping. 

So once again I let my fingers travel over her skin, this time on her tummy, around in circles, and up, past her breasts, up to her collarbones, and to her neck, where I flipped some of her hair away. 

She was the purest beauty. 


Emily's P.O.V:


With my heart racing in my chest, I was doing my very best to pretend that I was sleeping.

I couldn't see anything, pure darkness, cause I was afraid to open my eyes. Afraid that he would pull his hand away, like he had done when I had let out a slight moan.

His fingers where burning against my skin, and in my silent mind I begged him to place his lips on me, anywhere. On my skin, on my lips, didn't matter. I just wanted to feel the soft heat, and the lovely touch. 

Since my eyes were closed, everything seemed more intense. My ears heard better, when my eyes didn't see. Mostly cause they were working harder. 

Just place your lips on me. I begged in my thoughts. 

And as if he had read my mind, I could feel his soft lips being pressed against my forehead, too slightly. 

"Down," I whispered, and didn't even realise that she words had left my mouth. But when I did, my eyes opened fast, and I stared into his eyes more surprised eyes. 

"S-Sorry," I mumbled, and a part of me died when he pulled his hand away. 

"What did you say?" He whispered back, and kept his eyes on me. 

"Down..." I answered him. 


I nod. 

"Lets see what I can do about that," He smiled, and his face moved closer to mine.

I had the biggest urge to grab his neck, pull him in for a kiss, but I controlled myself.

And to my surprise he didn't kiss my lips, and kissed my jaw, moved down to my neck, where he left lovebites and kisses all over. My eyes shut, and I let a moan escape my lips. 

I was on fire. 




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