Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


44. Too many emotions

Later that night I was leaning against the doorframe into his room. 

The lights were turned off, except from the little light on the nightstand, that stood by the place where I slept. It had a warm golden color, and didn't shine very bright. It only made me able to see him, as he was lying there in the bed. His arms were stretched over his head, and he was lying on his stomach.  
I had told him that I would just go to the bathroom, and then come back, but I guess I had stayed in the bathroom for just a little too long. I didn't know how the minutes could've passed like that, but my thoughts had been so out of control, so that all of sudden I had left him alone. About an hour had passed, until I had walked back. 

And here I was, watching him sleeping. I was glad that I had removed my makeup, cause all of sudden I couldn't take these emotions anymore, and tears started running from my eyes. I had been so confused about wether I should say goodbye. But here I was, letting my tear filled eyes wander over him. He was not perfect in many others eyes, but somehow he was flawless in mine. I took a deep breath, while trying to be as quiet as possible. But my breath was shaking, and I couldn't help the crying noises that I was making. I just tried to breathe in, and out, and in, and out... Hoping that it would get easier by each breath. My arms were crossed across my chest. It was raising and sinking, by every breath. 

I watched him for a while, and couldn't stop the tears from falling...


Zayn's P.O.V: 


I wasn't fully asleep, and when the sound of sniffing came from the door my eyes opened wide.
And I turned around, while pulling up on my elbows, I saw her.
She stood in the door, with her eyes turned to me. I wrinkled my forehead, and pulled even more up. "Babe?" I whispered, and yawned. I could hear her stop breathing for a second, "Are you crying?" I whispered again, and this time I pulled the duvet of me, and easily jumped out of bed.

She shook her head, but didn't move.

In 0.5 seconds I was standing in front of her, cupping her chin in my hand, while looking into her eyes. "What's wrong?" I talked in a low voice. My heart couldn't take seeing her cry, specially not when I didn't know the reason why. I felt a ston build in my stomach. She tried to move her face away from my hand, but I grabbed onto her chin harder, and she wailed out a little. "Love, please... Why are you crying?" I got nervous, and my eyes started to wander all over her face. Why was she crying?! It didn't make sense. Had I hurt her? Was it something I'd said? "You're hurting me," She mumbled, and wailed out a little again. "Oh," I fast removed my hand from her face, and took a step back, "Sorry." 

"It's fine."

We stood face to face, none of us saying a word. Tears were still falling from her eyes, and my heart was still aching just to see her cry. I reached a hand out for her, with a sad little smile. She grabbed my hand, forced a little smile, and let me guide her over to the bed, where she crawled under the duvet with me. Like any other night, she cuddled up with me. But tonight my chest got wet from her salty tears. I stroke her back, and kissed her hair. 

I didn't know why she was upset... And I was afraid to ask. I was terrified that it was something I had done. But I needed to know, right? I had to. 
After a half hours of lying close, listening to the silence, and our breaths, I mumbled in a very soft and low voice, "Can you please explain for me, why you are so upset?" 
She turned to look up at me, through her lashes, "Tomorrow," Was her only answer, before she shut her eyes. 




OOBS: I've made a trailer for Passion '2, which is this story (what a surprise). 
Anyway, it would mean a lot if you would wanna check it out. It is in related media, which is just to the right, or you can find it on youtube if you search: Passion '2 trailer (movellas).

I hope you'll check it out, it'll mean a lot!

Love u :)x 

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