Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


65. Time flies


"I'm sorry for ruining our night," Zayn mumbled, and like he always did, he nervously scratched his neck with his right hand. "You didn't, really," I answered him, and tried to force a little smile. He hadn't ruined it, they had. "No seriously, I just want us to start over again, and this was clearly not a good start," He said, and looked away from his feet and turned his eyes to me. He still had his hand on his neck. "I want that as well, and no... This was not the best start, but it was not the worst either," I admitted, and shrugged my shoulders slightly. "But it could have been better," He mumbled, and did like me; shrugged his shoulders. "It could." I dug my hands down in my pockets on my coat. "But Zayn, though I think that we should start over again, I will need you to know that it doesn't mean that we're going to be serious already," When the words slipped out of my mouth, it seemed easier than I had imagined. I had been thinking about saying it all the time, but I didn't want to hurt him. After all... I did love him. 
"I know, I mean... Yeah, but... We're still gonna see each other, right?" He asked, and kept eye contact with me. I nodded, "Sure we are, but I'm not gonna rush things. We're just not ready for that," And when I said we're I meant us. I really did. Cause I knew that if we became serious already, sooner or later we would want some space, and we would breakaway. "But let's keep on doing... this," I smiled, and leaned my head a bit to the side. 


No one's P.O.V:


The weeks passed, and Emily had gotten an apartment near the city. It was tiny, but she was clearly fine with it. She had been struggling at lot the past weeks. She only had enough money to pay rent, and to get the food that was necessary. She had gotten a job in a restaurant in the middle of town. It was a famous place, and expensive, and that was the only reason that she could afford living in London. Every night when she came home from work, she called Zayn. They still saw each other, and went on dates about three times a week, which was all over the magazines. They tried to ignore it, and also the video's of them from their first date. She hadn't contacted James in any way, all that she had heard from him was when he had picked up the last of his things. The house was still for sale,  but she acted like it didn't exist. She was upset about how her grandmother's house could've turned into such a hurtful thing. Now all it reminded her of was James. 
She acted like she didn't even remember him, but he was still on her mind when she was lying awake at night. She knew that they had had a good thing going, and that she had been a fool to mess it up. But she also knew that they hadn't been meant to be, and it was better of this way. All she was sorry for, was for hurting him. It tore her apart to know what she had put him through, cause she clearly remembered how it felt to be heartbroken, and she never wanted that for James. 
She had been home to be with her family, but only for five days. She had told them about her and James' break up. Not down to every detail. Her parents were not mad, they were just worried. If their daughter didn't have more control over her life, they feared what she would end up doing with it. 
But tonight was another night after work, but something was different. There were three days to Christmas, and she had been sitting on her bed staring at her phone the past half hour. She wanted to call Zayn, but didn't know what to say. They usually didn't say a lot, they talked shit talk, and laughed. Like teenagers, which almost was what they were. But tonight something inside of her didn't want to call him. She was getting nervous, and was afraid that their conversation was getting awkward. But why would she feel like that? She hadn't been nervous around him for a long while. The clock was ticking on her white walls, and soon one hour had passed. She kept turning her phone in her hands, not knowing what to do with it. She was off from work for one week now, and she was going to spend her first Christmas with Zayn. It all of sudden felt so serious, and she was thinking that it maybe was the reason why she didn't want to call him. 
They were going to her hometown in Denmark, and she was so nervous about what her family was going to think, cause in her mind they weren't all serious yet, and that was actually true. 
They were not serious, they just had a good thing going, but still she had asked him to come with her, and she wondered why. The thought of spending Christmas without him made her feel empty, but she knew that the feeling was wrong, it felt too serious. 
She did love him, she always would, but she was not in love with him, was she? I mean... She had a crush on him, but she couldn't fall for him.
They had both just gotten out of relationships, Zayn some weeks before he met Emily again, and Emily just for four weeks ago, or to be correct, one month. 

It was usually not showing in England, specially not in London, but it was like the snow had been so powerful this year, that it still had made its way down on rooftops, streets and the river. A thin layer of ice was on the water on the river, but it was only thin, since the water always moved. Zayn and her had been Christmas shopping on their last date, but not for each other, they had done that a long time ago. 
Clara was coming to London on New Years Eve, and they were all going to celebrate that with the boys, and Niall's new girlfriend, Jennifer. Danielle was coming as well, and Eleanor, since Emily had met up with her one time in the past week, and they had been acting like they did back in the summer '12. So she had invited him, also to finish her plan; Lou and El had to get together again.
She had promised herself to try to get them back together, when she first had met Zayn this year. 

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