Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


40. Story

I snuggled close to him, while kissing his cheek. The touch of his skin against my lips, burned. And I loved it. I loved all of it. But I didn't love him.
He sneaked his hand around my waist, and pulled my naked body close to his, until our skin was touching. 


Zayn's P.O.V:



She snuggled close to me, and kissed my cheek. The touch of her lips against my skin, burned. And I loved it. I loved all of it. Just as much as I loved her. 
I sneaked my hand around her waist, and pulled her body closer to mine. We were both naked, and our skin was touching. 


No one's P.O.V:



Emily's life had changed a lot the past years. Every since she came home from Brighton, that goodbye, had been a new hello. But not the hello she had dreamed of back then. 
She had grown up in a nice town, in a big house, with a lovely family. Not a normal one though. Her family were all a bit weird, but not in the metal way. I'd rather say... In a lovely way. Which definitely had effected her. When she had been younger all she had wanted was to travel. The entire  world. Or almost the entire world.

She wanted to visit places, take pictures, build memories, drink different kinds of tea, read plenty lot of books and meet thousand of interesting people, but somehow she had left her dreams on her shelf. That all happened when she had met someone, a man. Who had ended up changing her mind. He had turned her life upside down. And he was known as her fiancé, James. 

He was a handsome mand, in the age of 27, who had been growing up in a nice and normal family, a bit south from London. His life had been simple, and easy for him. He didn't really have any dark sides. He was the perfect kind of husband, but not the kind Emily had dreamed of when she had been younger. She had always pictures herself with someone who could get her through a hell of a rollarcoaster, cause that had been what she had loved. She wanted to have someone she could not only argue with, but fight with. Which sounded crazy. But if love was too easy, love got boring. 

To be more direct, what she had dreamed of was more like...

She wanted someone she could fight with, someone who could yell at her, get so frustrated that he almost hit her, but he would never dare to do it, and then she would kick him out, while cursing his name... But yet he would wait outside all night, only to apologize. Only to make it all okay.

And it would all be okay. Cause their love would be crazy and stupid, but they imperfections, would make it perfect.

Still she was with someone far from what she had planned, and how on earth she had fallen in love with him, was hard to tell. No one really knew. Not even herself. But there had been something about him, that had made her heart beat faster. And that had made her let him give her a ring on her finger.

She had no idea about what she was doing with Zayn. But she didn't want to leave. It was like he was a magnet, that held so tightly on to her, that whenever she tried to escape, she got pulled back. And a part of her loved every little thing about being with him, but another part of her was well aware of the fact that it was wrong. 

Maybe there was a reason that they had fallen in love that summer. All she knew was that...
His voice had definitely been the soundtrack to her summer, back then. And she had loved him. No matter how much the world tried to deny it.

Or maybe... there was no reason at all... Maybe... 


Some people are meant to fall in love.

But not meant to be. 






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