Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


4. Somebody that I used to know

Driving on a highway. Cuddling in a bed. Fooling around in the sea. Opening another bottle of vodka. Dancing in the moonlight. Kissing in the rain. Fighting over small things. Planning the future. Watching stars on a rooftop. Holding onto forever. But still... letting go. 

A boy I used to know. A person that once had meant the world to me. It was like at that moment everything stood still. It was only him and I. His hair was styled, as always, and he looked just like he did back in the summer, six years ago. Except from the fact that he was wearing a smoking, and had probably not been shaving in a few days. He looked young, but still older. "Zayn!" I almost shouted, and lighted up in a huge smile. "I swore that I knew you!" He answered me, with a laugh.

"And you were right!" Already at that moment our conversation was started. I didn't know whether I should wrap my arms around him, or if I just should keep on standing in front of him. Not to make things awkward, I decided not to touch him.

"But hey, what are you doing here?" I asked, before letting him get the chance to say anything. "I kinda live here... if you forgot?" He raised his right eyebrow, and smirked a little.

"Haha, no.. I mean, at this exhibition?" I corrected myself.

"Oh, mother's, friend's, daughter.." Something about his voice was beautiful, like there was a laughter underneath everything he said.

"Aliya?" I asked.

He nod. 

"What about you?" And now, the question was on my shoulders. What was I doing here? Now the explanation from my side would start, and I didn't want it to. I wanted to act like nothing had changed in the ages, except from the love between us of course. It was over, and I was happily engaged, but I didn't wanna tell him.

"Oh, that's a long story," I just answered, with a giggle.

"I've got the time," He was just like I remembered him, stubborn. "Umm.." Was all I managed to get out. "Well, would you mind if I invited you out for dinner? Then you could explain for me there," Stubborn. I just smiled, in a way of saying that I would like to. But a part of me felt like thanking no, and telling him an excuse for leaving. I didn't wanna tell him about my life here, about my fiancé, about my future plans... but why? Why was I all of sudden afraid of his reaction? It didn't matter after all. 

He reached out for my hand, but I didn't grab it, and not to make the situation awkward, he grabbed my arm, in a gentle way. I just giggled a little to myself, as he leaded me out on the parking lot, where my, far from new, car stood parked. "How did you arrive?" He asked, and I could feel him glancing fast at me. I blushed slightly, and turned my eyes to my car. 

All of sudden he started laughing, and the blushing got even worse.

"A pickup truck? Why didn't that surprise me? That's cute. Anyway, I think we should take my car," He turned me around, till' I was facing the other side of the parking lot. "Your Range Rover?" Butterflies spread in my body, to the thought of his Range Rover. We had been doing a lot of crazy stuff and that car, and it had memories that I never wanted to lose. Again he started laughing. And I swore that I wasn't that funny...

"No, I sold that thing long time ago," He said.

"Oh..." I felt disappointed.

It was a bit chilly, and the wind was blowing, playing with my hair. When I got the change, I sneaked out of the grip he had on my arm, even though I liked the feeling of his hand on me. He acted like he hadn't noticed, even though I could see him glance at me, I just couldn't place to expression in his eyes. He kept on talking about how excited he was to hear about my reason for being here, all the way to his car. I turned to stare at the car. Nice, black, modern, expensive, and not close to being as big as his Range Rover. Oh, how I missed that car. My gaze turned from surprised and fascinated, to evil and judging. Stupid car. We had no connection when it came to this silly new car, that looked like something from a James Bond movie. Still I had to admit, that when I sat down on the leather seat, on the passenger side, it was soft, and I felt comfortable.

"Where are we going?" I asked him, when he drove out of the parking lot, and left the big grey building behind.

"Some place that I promise that you'll like," 


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