Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


50. Soft

The following morning I woke to the feeling of sunlight on my face. I winked a few times, until I opened my eyes at bit. The light was so bright that it hurt my eyes, and I fast closed them again. I rolled around, so that I safely could open my eyes, without the sun burning them, and I did. I let out a yawn, and stretched my tired body, so that the wonderful feeling os stretching ran through my body. 
After I had been lying for some minutes, trying to wake up for real, a soft voice made me turn around. 


Baby, speak softly. 


"Morning," Zayn said, and his voice was husky and tired. His eyes looked gentle, and he seemed really calm. Which made me wanna pull him in for a hug, but when he spoke again, somehow I changed my mind; "I'm so sorry for yesterday," He looked a bit embarrassed, and I could tell that he actually didn't want to take this talk.


Tell me you're awfully sorry that you pushed me up against the wall last night. 


He moved a bit closer to me, but before he got any closer I had placed my hands on his chest, and brutally pushed him off him. My eyes were burning, and I actually found myself hating him. Not really hating, but I felt like I did. All of this was his fault. He was so addictive. I was cheating on my beloved fiancé because of him. I was overreacting, I know, but at that moment I didn't give a fuck.


So I can push you off me. 


"Em, seriously.." He muttered, and reached a hand out to strike my cheek in a lovely way, but I slapped his hand away, before he could touch me. "Keep your filthy hands far away from me," I hissed, and kicked the duvet off me. "I'm sorry, okay?" He reached a hand out for me again, but I crawled backwards, away from him. "Don't touch me!" I yelled.


Try to touch me, so I can scream at you not to touch me.


"Fine!" He muttered, and swung the duvet away from him, while jumping out of bed. He didn't even glance at me, when he passed the bed, after fast slipping down in some boxers. I watched him as he pulled the handle to the door down, and I could feel the fear creep into my mind. He couldn't just leave like that. My heart started to beat unbelievable fast, and my eyes were wandered all over the back of his body, while I was panicking, not knowing what I would do. He pulled the door open, and left me in the room. I couldn't stand to be here alone, not now. So I fast grabbed my black lace undies from the floor, slipped them up over my legs, and jumped out of bed. 


Walk out the room, and I'll follow you like a lost puppy. 



I ran after him, just to see him turn around the corner, and into his kitchen. I was not that noisy when I ran after him, cause he didn't hear me coming, and I could tell that it was a surprise when I wrapped my arms around his waist from behind. My heart was still racing, and I could still hear the pounding of my heart in my ears. 


Baby, without you, I'm nothing.
I'm so lost, hug me. 


"Emily, you're so fucked up." He muttered, but didn't pull me off him, instead he turned around, still with my arms around him, and wrapped his arms around me. "But I'll always love you...".
With those words my heart stopped beating, just for a second, it stood completely still. I could feel it. 
I knew that for just two minutes ago I wouldn't have believed him. But here we stood, with our arms wrapped around each other, and for the first time in six years, the simple but big words; I love you, had left his mouth. Escaped his sealed lips. 
He loved me. He didn't just like me. I was more than just a lover to him... Or that's what he just had said. I didn't know what to believe... I didn't know if I should feel happy, press him closer to me, or if I should push him away from me, and get the hell out of here. 
I sneaked out of his grip, and took a step backwards, so that I could get a view over him, his face expression, and the look in his eyes.
"You..." I usually didn't have a hard time saying those three words, but it seemed hard now. Like my tongue was tied. Zayn's eyes were staring into my eyes, and he slowly reached a hand out for me. 
With an easy and careful move, he moved a sling of my hair behind my ear, and then he let his fingers move slightly down my neck, and to my shoulder. "Yes," He whispered, and took a step closer to me. I just stood still, not knowing what to do. I should run away, but I felt like something had glued my feet to the floor. "But... You shouldn't," I protested, but when a pair of soft lips got pressed against mine, all my confusion, and fear faded out, and I relaxed. 



// OOBS:
Again sorry for a shit chapter. 
And sorry for not writing a sex scene - to the people who wanted one, but it didn't fit in here. Or well, maybe, but I didn't know what to write. Don't worry, I will write more sex scenes later on

I'm not doing that well at home at the current moment, so if some days pass where I don't update, I'm sorry... It's probably because I have a lot of things right now to deal with. 
I will try to update as much as possible.

But please tell my what you think of the chapter, good and bad.



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