Passion '2 (15+)

"Remember when I promised to love you forever?"


"Forever isn't over yet."


28. Snuggle

Emily's P.O.V:


That night I tucked myself in, beside Clara that already was sleeping heavily. 

I couldn't sleep, all I did was to gaze at ceiling, while wondering if Zayn was asleep. I wanted to go check on him, and fast told myself that it only was because I wanted to see if he was alright, not because I wanted to crawl under his duvet, and snuggle close to him. 
Even though I - in the backest of my mind - knew that it only was cause I wanted to snuggle with him. 

There was silent in the house, and the lights were off, except from a little light in the big bathroom. I could hear the wind out side, and thought I could hear raindrops against the window, but I wasn't sure. It would be quite normal if it was raining, since it was autumn, in the start of September. In the middle of listening to the wind and possibly rain, I felt a bit scared. It was a normal thing when it came to me. I usually feared what didn't exist. Let's just say that I couldn't watch a horror movie, without staying awake for over one week. - Simply the thought of what could be outside freaked me out. 
I didn't wanna think about it, but when I had started, I always scared myself even more. It was like I could feel some eyes on me, it was usually like that when James weren't here. 

My eyes fast looked around in the room, and to the windows. 

I thought about hiding under my duvet like a little kid, but instead I sat up, and swung my legs over the edge. I sneaked out of the room, and fast span around to see if I was alone. I was. 

When a strongly windblow hit the glass in the windows in the hall, and I could feel my heart stop beating for a second, and then it started to beat extremely fast. I fast hurried to the room in the end of the corridor. The door was closed, so I was being careful to open it. 

I didn't wanna wake Zayn up. When it was enough open till I could sneak in, I did. 

When I was about to close the door behind me, a voice made a little scream escape my lips. 

"Emily?" The voice said, and I fast turned around to see Zayn sitting in his bed, with his laptop. 

I felt embarrassed. I had hoped that he had been asleep so I just could sit on the floor, watch him until I was calm, and go back to sleep. 

But there I stood, in the middle of the room, wearing one of James big grey sweatshirts and a pair of white undies. I felt stupid. 

Zayn smiled at me, "So, why are you here?" He asked.

"Umm... I... I..." I stuttered, without having any idea about what to say. "Just tell me," He said, and closed his laptop, to turn all his attention to me. "I got scared..." I whispered, and hoped he couldn't hear me. 

But I could tell by his face expression that he had heard me. "Come on," He reached a hand out for me, and I hesitated but decided to walk some steps closer to the bed, and grab his hand. He pulled the laptop away from his lap, and placed it on the nightstand, then he held my hand while I crawled up in the soft bed, beside him. He was still sitting up. He was only wearing some boxers, under the duvet that covered from his hips and down. 

His tan abs were showing, and could feel myself getting nervous. Which was weird, since the last time I had been nervous about seeing him half naked was when I was sixteen. 

We both lay down, and he pulled me close, until I placed my head on his chest. His arm was around my waist, holding my body close to his. 

"Feeling any better?" He mumbled down in my hair. I just nod.

I felt comfortable. 

We lay in silence together for a long time until Zayn asked me something, "That sweatshirt.. is that yours?" 

"James," I answered him, and moved a bit close to him, until we couldn't get any closer. 

He didn't say anything. 

"You okay?" I asked, and lifted my head from his chest. His forehead was wrinkled, and he was looking up at the ceiling, until I looked at him, then he turned to look at me instead. 

"I guess so," He mumbled. 

I tried to pull away from him, but he tightened the grip around my waist, until I tried again. This time he let me go, and I sat up. 

I grabbed the edge of the sweatshirt, and pulled it up, knowing that Zayn was watching me. I pulled it over my head, and threw it on the floor, without thinking about the fact that I weren't wearing any bra. 

"Better?" I asked him, while snuggling under the duvet again, and resting my head on his chest again. I could feel my breasts being pressed against his bare skin, and feel his heart beat fast under my head. 

"A lot," He whispered, and placed a kiss in my hair. 

I smiled a little to myself, and closed my eyes. 


Zayn's P.O.V:


You don't gotta doubt a second if I miss you, every time I'm with you.  

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